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Album Review: Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean – Tell Me What You See…

This is the third release by CHAINED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN preceded by a full-lenghth and initial EP over the past two years. To my jaw- dropping surprise the first track, ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’, is a DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE cover, which of course they slaughter it in the best way possible. Gritty guitar and gritty vocals, i couldn’t ask for much more. Yet another welcome surprise is Paul Degrandpre’s clean vocal delivery at one point during ‘Out, Brief Candle’, and not for nothing, I happen to think he has a lovely voice. Truth be told, […]

Album Review: Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust

From the beginning of opener ‘The Battle Of White Mountain’, the distortion tone is pretty on point, with riff work that is none too shabby. I can definitely stay that what I wasn’t expecting was a female lead singer, which isn’t usually my cup of tea. Well, if the second track’s opening riff, which carries through the song, isn’t a rip off ‘Forever My Queen’ by PENTAGRAM, I’ll eat my hat. I find myself still down with the vocals of Amy Tung Barrysmith, as she has a pretty soothing voice in my opinion, very reminiscent of Jex Thoth in spaces. […]

Album Review: PERVERTED CEREMONY – Nighemancie / WITCHCRAFT – Black Candle Invoker

PERVERTED CEREMONY’s side of the split begins with the extremely haphazard title track, and moves on in the same fashion from there. For loving metal as long as I have, I can honestly say that I have no idea what they’re going for here. I would not call this black or death exclusively, more like a confused mish-mashing of the two. I don’t know know what the vocalist’s excuse for his delivery is, but the band follows a single theme throughout their side of the split. Make your decision. I’ve made mine. Well, WITCHCRAFT (Fin) wasn’t what I expected. Not […]

Album Review: Monte Luna – Drowner’s Wives

Once again, not my style right from the gate.In my opinion this sounds like poorly-executed psychedelic rock, which, sad to say most of psychedelic rock is, at the start. (Truckfighters suck. Change my mind.) I’m failing to hear what is even so “psychedelic” about this album at all, as Drowner’s Wives gives me the vibe of a group of curly-mustached, neck-bearded hipsters who got together to make what they believe a blend of psych/stoner rock is – or what they think it is. Great job at being revolutionary, or what ever they’re going for. Now, I’m not saying I don’t […]

Album Review: Dour – Septic Existence

First of all, let me start out by saying Septic Existence is full of great riffs, incredible drumming, and filthy vocals. DOUR is the best band to come out of Scranton, PA for many years, in my opinion. I would know, because it’s my hometown. The way they blend faster-paced and traditionally slow sludge is not only creative, but the transitions are impeccable. And hey, can’t forget the motherfucking feedback. This is grimy misanthropic sludge at its finest. For their first full length, they killed it resuscitated it and killed it again. I honestly can’t help but nod my head […]

Album Review: Orodruin – Ruins Of Eternity

While I’m not opposed to clean vocals, Mike Puleo’s delivery just simply doesn’t do it for me. The vocals – his voice – is in no way bad, but not my cup of mead, so to speak. Instrumentally ORODRUIN is definitely talented. The melodies are pleasant, and the riffs aren’t bad, but again not something I can get into 100%. If you’re into neo-traditional doom metal you will like this album, with its super-clean vocals, heavy (but not overbearing) riffs, and soloing. That sentence right there, I feel, sums up ORODRUIN pretty well, being someone who hasn’t heard them up […]

Album Review: MNRVA – Black Sky

Not knowing what to expect from MNRVA’s Black Sky I was greeted with a shrill guitar intro and growling bass on ‘Not The One’. Personally I think they could have tried or experimented with lower tuning and/or different distortion pedals, but that’s just me. As the song progresses, before we even get to the vocals, I’m noticing the transitions between riffs is pretty rough. The vocals completely shit the bed for me. The whole song is honestly pretty corny to me. Not in the good, hilarious sort of way, but in that cringe sort of way. Upon reaching the second […]