PERVERTED CEREMONY’s side of the split begins with the extremely haphazard title track, and moves on in the same fashion from there. For loving metal as long as I have, I can honestly say that I have no idea what they’re going for here. I would not call this black or death exclusively, more like a confused mish-mashing of the two. I don’t know know what the vocalist’s excuse for his delivery is, but the band follows a single theme throughout their side of the split. Make your decision. I’ve made mine.

Well, WITCHCRAFT (Fin) wasn’t what I expected. Not that I was expecting something along the lines of Witchcraft (Swe) but, honestly, both of these bands are almost interchangeable, at least judging by the first track. On ‘Seventh Sabbath Night’ there are some discernable blackened vocals and riffs, but it quickly reverted back to what had come before. If I didn’t know this release was a split, i would think it was the same band.
Review By: BuiltToSuffer

Nighemancie / Black Candle Invoker
Nuclear War Now! Productions
0 / 6