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Album Review: Goden – Beyond Darkness

True devotees of underground heaviness and grimness will nod their heads at the mention of the band WINTER, whose brief recording career had a disproportionate impact on the metal scene. They created one of the doomiest, ugliest and most massive sounds ever heard on their landmark 1989 Into Darkness release. That sound has haunted the cobwebbed corners of the underground for 30 years now, though WINTER itself ceased to exist long ago. GODEN (named after a track on Into Darkness) are about as close to WINTER as you’re going to get in 2020 and in fact have former WINTER member […]

HARMAA GETTO to release new album thru SVART – includes members of PAAVOHARJU

Distorted sounds. A fever-dream caused by faith and an alcohol overdose. Howling echoes from dying rural areas. Lo-fi trip-hop from Finland’s eastern border. HARMAA GETTO is a Finnish band formed by Lauri Ainala and Joose Keskitalo. Both are better known from the musical collective Paavoharju. Their new album, Ovenvartija, is released by Svart Records on November 29th. Best known for their “drunken rap aesthetic”, HARMAA GETTO’s new album takes the duo towards melancholy and sadness, often sounding like Portishead tormented by alcohol-withdrawal symptoms. This time, there are new members involved. Revon Akan Poika (loosely translated as “Boy of da Repo […]

Album Review: Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes

Here’s a shot of something fresh in the thrash world. Hailing from the metal hotbed of Montreal, WARSENAL is doing something a bit different than just imitating what has gone before, but at the same time, they have the feel of something that could have come from the glory days of thrash. Think of ’80s thrashers that went against the grain; REALM, ANNIHILATOR, DBC, even VOI VOD. That’s the ballpark these guys are trying to inhabit. Feast Your Eyes is fast! Above all else, these guys play with high velocity, but favor unusual time changes and riffing patterns. It is […]