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NEBULAR CARCOMA to release NEGATIVA’s mini-album on vinyl

Nebular Carcoma sets December 6th as the international release date for NEGATIVA’s cult 01 mini-album on 12″ vinyl format, featuring fully remastered sound and presented on a single-sided LP. NEGATIVA are a prolific and mysterious force hailing from Spain. The entity’s two central figures, multi-instrumentalist DB and vocalist D.R., respectively maintain the well-regarded Délirant (of the Mystískaos cabal) and Atrabilis. Together, as NEGATIVA, do the duo create delirious, tortured, but credibly avant-garde black metal, worming deep within atonality and tension to find bittersweet resolution and maimed ‘n’ malformed melody. Of the band’s prolific clutch of releases, arguably, NEGATIVA’s 01 is […]