Medieval/melodic black metal collective OBSEQUIAE presents a new video of their epic performance at last year’s gathering of the annual Fire In The Mountains Fest.

OBSEQUIAE’s Fire In The Mountains performance took place July 24th, 2022, at Heart Six Ranch in Moran, Wyoming on the lands of the Newe Sogobia (Eastern Shoshone), Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Shoshone-Bannock, Tséstho’e (Cheyenne), Arapaho, Titunwan Lakota, and Crow. OBSEQUIAE shared the stage with Wolves In The Throne Room, Yob, Steve Von Till, Eternal Champion, Hexvessel, Emma Ruth Rundle, and many others at the gathering, and the band’s six-member lineup featured primary studio members – founding guitarist/bassist/vocalist Tanner Anderson and drummer Eoghan McCloskey – also joined by bassist Roger Connaghey, vocalist Brendan Hayter, and Anderson’s bandmates in newer act Majesties, guitarists Carl Skildum and Matt Kirkwold.

The professional, multi-camera OBSEQUIAE set was filmed by director of photography Jason Nix and additional camera operators Alex Pace and Kim Denver, and the rich soundboard audio recording and mastering handled by Adam Tucker of Signaturetone Recording.

Tanner Anderson writes, “Performing at Fire In The Mountains in 2022 was powerful. After two years of pandemic and quarantine, people had a real need for the kind of engagement and sincerity that a festival like FITM has cultivated. The connection between everyone – onstage and off – felt more genuine and heartfelt than any other I’ve encountered in my life. As a band that doesn’t play live often, it meant that much more for us to enjoy such a privilege, including the spectacular hospitality extended to us in that valley in Wyoming.

“Our live band had collectively endured profound losses between 2020 and 2022. It brought us closer and made our work together more important, with Fire In The Mountains as a culmination of this. We felt it in each other, the audience, the staff – even the land itself. We shared stories, tears, and laughter with old and new friends. For the band, it was a celebration of our friendship with one another and our work, though not without a touch of the bittersweet; two weeks after we returned from Fire In The Mountains, Eoghan would move to Dublin, Ireland and I would move to Boston, Massachusetts. It wasn’t so much that we wouldn’t still work together or see one another – it was that we both had large transitions on our minds during a time where everyone seemed to already be in a state of some great transition as well.

“As the festival got underway, the idea that we really weren’t going to see each other afterwards for quite some time began to deepen. So, we wanted to see if anyone at FITM might keep this performance as a record, even if it was just for us. We were extremely fortunate to meet some kind people with cameras, access to the soundboard recording, and a willingness to do just that with no notice at all. Rather than keep it to ourselves, we offer this to you here since it was a profound and collective effort. Thank you to Fire In The Mountains and all who took part in this singular experience.”

Watch OBSEQUIAE’s epic Fire In The Mountains set now at the 20 Buck Spin YouTube channel

OBSEQUIAE Fire In The Mountains Performance Setlist:

  1. In The Garden Of Hyacinths
  2. Autumnal Pyre
  3. Ceres In Emerald Streams
  4. Anlace And Heart
  5. Against All Feudal Lords
  6. Morrígan
  7. Until All Ages Fall
  8. In The Absence Of Light

OBSEQUIAE Fire In The Mountains Performance Lineup:
Brendan Hayter – vocals
Roger Connaghey – bass
Eoghan McCloskey – drums
Tanner Anderson – guitar
Carl Skildum – guitar
Matt Kirkwold – guitar

OBSEQUIAE continues to write for their eventual fourth LP Watch for updates to post over the months ahead.