UK doom rockers MARGARITA WITCH CULT present an intoxicatingly heavy second video taken from their awaited self-titled debut album, to be released on April 21st through Heavy Psych Sounds.

About new single ‘The Witchfinder Comes’, the band comments: “A macabre tale of an impending witch hunt climaxing with the subject running in fear over the spiraling coda. The slab of bludgeoning ’70s style proto-metal is a stadium-sized version of the song which first appeared on the band’s demo cassette which brought the band to the public eye in 2022.”

Watch new video ‘The Witchfinder Comes’ on The Sleeping Shaman

Get ready for an absolute rager with the butt-kicking debut from MARGARITA WITCH CULT! Born from the murky industrial depths of Birmingham, UK (also known as Sabbath City), the raucous trio achieves a tour-de-force by fusing the fist-pumping energy of NWOBHM and occult imagery and heaviness of proto-doom. Disclaimer: you might have the time of your life blasting this timeless and merciless beast, one that will chew you up and spit you out but keep you crawling back for more! A must-have for fans of groovy horror-laden heavy rock’n’roll in the vein of Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid, Orchid. Listen to their debut single ‘Death Lurks At Every Turn’