FRAYLE deliver a beautiful take on SOUNDGARDEN’s ‘Head Down’, fueled by the mystery of Gwyn Strang’s haunting vocals and down-tuned frying guitars. The fast-rising doom act from Cleveland, OH has furthermore illustrated this dark song with a stunning video.

More information about the forthcoming MER Redux Series installment Superunknown Redux can be found below. The massive double album has been scheduled for release on July 14.


Parallel to Superunknown Redux, Magnetic Eye Records will release the by now customary companion album entitled Best Of Soundgarden Redux that contains further 15 cover versions of deep cuts and all-time classics from across SOUNDGARDEN’s extensive catalogue recorded by more exciting artists.

FRAYLE comment: “Soundgarden was an integral part of our development as musicians from an early age with brillant songs such as ‘Fell on Black Days’,’Black Hole Sun’, the list just goes on and on”, singer Gwyn Strang writes and multi-instrumentalist Sean Bilovecki continues: “For ‘Head Down’, we deconstructed the song and switched its timing to 4/4. The song as recorded by Soundgarden has overlapping drum parts and complicated timings for example. We stripped it down and gave the track elements of tribal drumming, while we added layers of vocal harmonies and voices coming at the listener from all angles.”

FRAYLE were founded by its core duo consisting of vocalist Gwyn Strang and multi-instrumentalist Sean Bilovecky in the US city of Cleveland, Ohio in 2017. According to their self-description, their music is “heavy, low, and witchy’, which corresponds to critics broadly placing them in the doom metal box, but also acknowledging audible influences from post-rock to even pop. Accordingly, a wide spectrum of influences has been named that ranges from SLEEP and KYUSS via PORTISHEAD, BJÖRK, and CHELSEA WOLFE all the way back to BLACK SABBATH.

With an outstanding musical and visual concept that reflects in every aspect of the band, even FRAYLE’s first release, the EP The White Witch (2018), caused an immediate buzz, which only grew stronger with the following Dead Inside EP (2019) and the debut full-length 1692 – the year of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. With their acclaimed sophomore album Skin & Sorrow, FRAYLE cemented their reputation as one of the hottest new acts of the global doom scene.

Superunknown Redux Tracklist:

  1. Ufomammut ‘Let Me Drown’
  2. High Priest feat. Bobby Ferry (16) ‘My Wave’
  3. Marissa Nadler ‘Fell on Black Days’
  4. Somnuri ‘Mailman’
  5. Valley of the Sun ‘Superunknown’
  6. FRAYLE ‘Head Down’
  7. Spotlights ‘Black Hole Sun’
  8. Horseburner ‘Spoonman’
  9. Witch Mountain ‘Limo Wreck’
  10. Beastwars ‘The Day I Tried to Live’
  11. Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows ‘Kickstand’
  12. The Age of Truth ‘Fresh Tendrils’
  13. Marc Urselli’s SteppenDoom feat. Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), Igor Sydorenko (Stoned Jesus), Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven), Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha) & Utelo ‘4th of July’
  14. Dozer ‘Half’
  15. Darkher ‘Like Suicide’

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