ULTHAR proves their 2018 debut Cosmovore was no fluke or one-and-done episode. They return to the fray with Providence (the hometown of H. P. Lovecraft…coincidence?) and they are back to mangle minds and reap souls with a whirlwind of fierce and technical death metal.

There’s very little primitive gloom here. This is the fast and nasty side of the beast, touching on such primal sources as MORBID ANGEL, PESTILENCE, IMMOLATION and lesser known entities like ANATA and MERCYLESS. There’s also a touch of blackness to the affair, especially in the ripped throat vocals. Highlights are many, but I would bring your attention to the bludgeoning ‘Undying Spear’, the progressive but brutal ‘Through Downward Dynasties’ and the sheer fury of ‘Furnace Hibernation’.

I’ve heard some pretty good death metal in 2020, but this and the new SEPULCHRAL CURSE I would put at the top of the putrid heap. ULTHAR look like they are here to stay…and slay!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

20 Buck Spin
5 / 6