INFIDEL REICH is a four-piece death metal outfit from Columbus, Ohio, featuring ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley on vocals, early ASPHYX guitarist Tony Brookhuis, prolific drummer Bob Bagchus (ex-ASPHYX, SOULBURN, GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT etc), and one McNasty on bass. They created a buzz with their first self-titled EP back in 2017, now culminating in their first full length album, Reichenstein, released in November of 2019.

This album is an odd one to be sure. Musically, I find this album enjoyable, for the most part. A lot of mid-paced romps that would grab anyone who’s a fan of BOLT THROWER, VENOM, or CARNIVORE. My favorite tracks are ‘Reichenstein’, ‘Gunzilla’s Stand’, ‘Reich Fucking Roll’, and ‘Victims Inc’, but the rest of the album really slogs on and loses my attention.

Now, one thing that got my attention – and my biggest problem with this album – is the TV static transitions between tracks. They are extremely loud in the mix, and makes the album listening experience nearly unbearable. I spent most of my time watching the track get close to the end just so I can skip before that godawful transition. I think cutting those three-ish seconds of noise would help this album tremendously.

The other point of contention for this album is the lyrics. INFIDEL REICH is a politically charged band. They will let you know how and what they feel throughout the album, and no pussy, liberal snowflakes are going to stop them. I believe artists have a right to express themselves in any manner they can, and this more tongue in cheek approach does garner attention.

A lot of people are not going to agree with what they say, but I believe they will find their niche audience and thrive in it as long as they can. Even though there are things I don’t agree with. I will not deny that they have the right to their feelings and beliefs.

In conclusion, this album has moments of potential, and I hope to see this potential to be utilized on a future release.
Review By: Robert Atkinson

Helter Skelter Productions
2.5 / 6