INCANTATION have inspired so many death metal bands, they sometimes almost sound like they are following in their own footsteps, as strange as that may sound. It’s not exactly fair to them. They marked out their territory a long time ago and have stayed in those boundaries. They are determined to be the best they can be within those borders and leave experimentation to others. Most of the bands picking up on their sound are easy to spot as mere knockoffs.

Sect Of Vile Divinities shows INCANTATION is still totally devoted to the cryptic, cavernous death metal sound they practically invented. This album shows them working more with shorter, faster tracks as opposed to the torturous death-doom epics they are also known for. The slower, more doomy touches certainly show up here, most notably in ‘Propitiation’ and ‘Unborn Ambrosia’ but things are altogether more concise. Songs like ‘Fury’s Manifesto’, ‘Guardians Of The Primeval’ and ‘Ignis Fatuus’ are brief but brutal, propelled by Kyle Severn’s punishing drum work, which jumps to the front of the mix here.

On first listen, nothing really jumps out as being awe-inspiring, but on further inspection, you can pick up on the clever song construction of ‘Propitiation’ (a defining INCANTATION track) and ‘Shadow Blade Master Of Tempest’. ‘Scribes Of The Stygian’ stands out with its peculiar guitar arpeggios.

It’s unfair to expect a huge degree of innovation from INCANTATION at this stage of the game. It is fair to expect them to do what they do best, which is dark and evil death metal. Those expectations are fully met here.
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Sect Of Vile Divinities
4 / 6