Danish death vendors DEIQUISITOR have been at it for a decade now, generating reliable, convoluted albums and EPs, Apotheosis being the fourth of the former. With the self-titled debut of 2016 (drool and gnash your teeth at ‘Elongated Crystal Skull’ for reference), it seemed there was something just strange enough about the trio’s take on death metal to bear keeping an eye on, and thus far no disappointments.

Jointly released by Extremely Rotten Productions and Night Shroud Records, Apotheosis takes aim with ‘Humanoid’, a distended, twisting riff straight out of Stockholm circa 1989 hits its mark, drummer Henrik B.C. seemingly off-time, but the effect is jarring, and when the song proper kicks off, he’s keyed into what’s happening around him, no doubt. One of DEIQUISITOR’s hot points for these ears is the band’s ability to toss pummeling death, groove, d-beat flirtations and atmosphere into often less than a handful of minutes and succeed, no doubt speaking to each member’s long history in their local underground community.

‘Autosarcophagy’ is convoluted in form; not in the precise manner of tech-death or, say, half of Willowtip’s roster, but more eldritch, slimy and oozing forth from an abyssal source. Add that early OBITUARY section from 3:09-4:02, hear how the most basic foundation is shaped into something “other”, and you’ll get a sense of what the threesome is going for – and achieving.

‘Apophis’ and ‘Reflected By The Void’ careen past for the most part, while ‘Dequisitor’ (because who doesn’t want to name a song after their group?) arrives, a creature made of multitudinous limbs, all grasping, clawing in separate directions, a perfect snapshot of what the band’s become over time.

A fine showing for DEIQUISITOR and a hopeful sign of what’s to come in 2023 musically overall, Apotheosis will satisfy and intrigue older death metal fans, while reaching into today and beyond to lure the new who’re looking for something (very) far out of the norm.
Review By: Lord Randall

Extremely Rotten Productions / Night Shroud Records
3 / 6