This is unbelievable. I’ve been covering metal music for close to a quarter of a century and I have never heard a band that’s been out of commission as long as DEFLESHED pick up right where they left off so seamlessly and completely as this. Their last record was in 2005. Grind Over Matter sounds like it could have come out in 2006. It’s like nothing happened!

These guys have always had laser-like focus on the kind of music they want to produce and that has absolutely not changed here. If anything, it’s intensified. DEFLESHED has always put out albums full of short, ultra-intense tracks that blur the line between thrash metal and grindcore. I remember a pundit calling their style “turbo metal” years ago and that fits, too. They are absolutely locked in on Grind Over Matter and almost seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to their music. This heavy duty focus could be considered a detriment in many cases, but it works greatly to DEFLESHED’s advantage here.

11 bone-grinding tracks in 34 rapid fire minutes, with no room to relax. There is a certain kind of groove unique to the band that gives them an extra kick, but wow, this is like the Carolina Reaper hot sauce of metal. All tracks are brutal, but special favorites for me are ‘Bent Out Of Shape’, ‘Dear Devil’, ‘Blood Well Spent’…oh shit, just pick up the damn thing and get ready to have your hide blistered by one of the best metal comebacks in a long time!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Grind Over Matter
Metal Blade
4.5 / 6