One would think, after two albums and a split heading up the annoyingly-named DEATH ON FIRE, as well as a “funny” little grind parody project ALPHA O-MAGA, Tim Kenefic would’ve either given up, or at least latched onto something worth a listen.

Regrettably, what we’re given with Six Foot Box is more of the same. The title track wanders, even 30 seconds in, meandering, Kenefic doing his best DANZIG impression (check out the band’s truly abysmal stumble through ‘How The Gods Kill’ for his worst), lackadaisical vocals reminiscent of nowadays Phil Anselmo reliving the nods from his heroin days, all moan/groaned over a bed of blues-lite about as threatening and ominous as a bowl of Maruchan ramen without the seasoning packet for flavor.

A positively atrocious drum sound plagues ‘A Hell Of Our Own Design’, and the mix itself fares no better. I’m sorry, but unless you’re MERZBOW or consciously making such a decision, there’s simply no excuse for this. The bio for DEATH ON FIRE mentions the band “challenging what feels natural”, and if that means “Can’t write a memorable chord progression/solo to save its life”, or “Has utterly no idea how to reign in the unbridled, unhindered shitstorm of influences”, then it’s spot-on.

‘Begging For Air’ lives up to its name, and apt, as I pray this is what ends up happening to DEATH ON FIRE. You’re grown adults, obviously fans of the genre, but I’ve heard Christian church “praise and worship” bands with more conviction and power behind their sound.
Review By: Lord Randall

Six Foot Box  [EP]
0 / 6