CONJURING FATE’s second starts at a deficit, which, after a 2014 EP, an album two years hence, and close to 15 years as a band does not a good impression make. After a lethargic, shiftless – and incredibly drawn-out, might I add – intro, though, ‘Burn The Witch’ springs from the gates, punchy riffs and driving rhythms carrying the vocals of Tommy Daly along, bloody, sweating and tearing its way into your earholes.

‘Voodoo Wrath’ is as energetic, ghosts of SAXON and DIAMOND HEAD, the Gibson/Horner guitar team pulling off tasty dual leads with a seeming effortlessness, but I keep feeling as if Daly’s almost playing it safe vocally, sticking to a mid-range delivery that – while far from bland – could be much more varied in tone than what we’re given…that is, until ‘Midnight Skies’.

Triumphant and hitting all its marks, with that muscular delivery we’ve been hearing thus far, but with harmonies injected in the chorus, the low end of Steve Legear and Niall McGrotty providing the solid bedrock which metal of this sort needs to stand strong. Easing back on the throttle a bit, ‘Daughter Of The Everglades’ is a smooth rock ‘n’ roller, more polished than what’s come before, yet still worthy of its place in Curse Of The Fallen, and perfectly positioned in the center of the album’s playing time.

Staccato riffing slices and dices ‘No Escape’, a rugged melodicism bringing to mind pre-Eye To Eye 220 VOLT, while closer ‘Original Sin’ tosses all the best of Curse Of The Fallen into the cauldron, creating a concoction of fast-paced, over-driven and entertaining-as-all-Hell metal the way it used to be done, and should be done by more today.

A few missteps, sure, but if CONJURING FATE ups its game even a little with its next, we could be looking at a serious contender. These guys are doing their part to keep true, memorable Heavy Metal not only alive, but thriving.
Review By: Lord Randall

Curse Of The Fallen
Pure Steel Records
4 / 6