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TYRANT reveal new track from long-awaited comeback album for SHADOW KINGDOM

Reunited American heavy metal legends TYRANT reveal the brand-new track ‘Beacon The Light’. The track hails from the band’s long-awaited comeback album, Hereafter, set for international release on May 15th via Shadow Kingdom Records. Hear TYRANT’s ‘Beacon The Light’ HERE at Shadow Kingdom’s Bandcamp. Hailing from Pasadena, California, TYRANT formed in 1978 and put out their first demo in ’82. However, it was with their pair of albums for Metal Blade – 1985’s Legions Of The Dead and 1987’s Too Late To Pray – where they’d etch their name into cult heavy metal legendry. Proud and powerful, theirs was steel […]

Album Review: Haunt – Mind Freeze

HAUNT keep whipping them out like it’s 1972! Back then it wasn’t unusual for bands to release 2 full lengths a year. It hasn’t been much more than six months since the last HAUNT album If Icarus Could Fly came out, and that doesn’t even include HAUNT main man Trevor Church’s other band, BEASTMAKER, (now sadly defunct due to HAUNT’s success) having their own album out. Sometimes this kind of quantity affects quality…is that the case here? Mind Freeze is really what the new ANGELWITCH album, Angel Of Light, should have sounded like. It has that dark, musty production that […]

HAUNT set release date for new SHADOW KINGDOM album

Today, Shadow Kingdom Records sets January 10th, 2020 as the international release date for the massively anticipated third album of America’s HAUNT, Mind Freeze, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. Simply put, HAUNT is the new face of traditional heavy metal & hard rock. Masterful despite their young years as a band, Haunt began as a solo project of Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church and promptly self-released its debut EP, Luminous Eyes, during the summer of 2017. Not long after, the EP was picked up for physical release by Shadow Kingdom, and henceforth did HAUNT begin their ascent… […]

Interview: SEAX

NO SHELTER FROM THE FALLOUTInterview with SEAXBy: Dr. Mality The sirens are screaming. Incoming barrage from SEAX is imminent! Hailing from Massachusetts, SEAX is that rare breed of American metal band that not only invokes the power of a bygone metal age, they personify it. There are very few bands from these shores that pay homage to the raging speed metal sound of the early 80’s and do it right, but SEAX is one. Think of eldritch names such as EXCITER, IRON ANGEL, HAWAII, AGENT STEEL and the like and you’ll instantly know the SEAX sound. Fallout Rituals is the […]