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Album Review: Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence

My search for something new brings me to the dusty plains of the mythical American West, where we find WAYFARER spinning tales of gunslingers, railroads and sudden death. The bloody true history of the West, and the more romanticized version of movies and TV offers a lot of fertile ground for an enterprising metal band to explore. With WAYFARER we get something that’s part Morricone and part PRIMORDIAL, part Americana and part raging metal. It’s a sound that I may not always be 100% into, but for sure it’s carved out its own territory, which is nothing to sneeze at. […]

OF FEATHER AND BONE To Release Third Album, Sulfuric Disintegration, Through Profound Lore Records In November; ‘Entropic Self Immolation’ Now Streaming + Preorders Posted

Stream OF FEATHER AND BONE’s ‘Entropic Self Immolation’ HERE This November, Denver, Colorado-based harsh death metal outfit OF FEATHER AND BONE will return with their most devastating material yet, having recently finalized their third album, Sulfuric Disintegration. Profound Lore Records will deploy this monolithic auditory assault upon the planet in mid-November, this week releasing details on the record including the cover art, track listing, preorders, and an advance stream of ‘Entropic Self Immolation’. OF FEATHER AND BONE’s Sulfuric Disintegration sees the trio deliver their most brutal, dynamic, and punishing release to date. The record follows 2018’s Bestial Hymns Of Perversion, […]


On Stygian Bough: Volume I, members Dylan Desmond and Jesse Shreibman of renowned doom duo, BELL WITCH fully integrate themselves with dark folk elegist, Erik Moggridge of AERIAL RUIN. Genuine collaborations are rare yet these two found a way to become one, resulting in a hauntingly beautiful record. Today the trio have revealed details of the highly anticipated album alongside its ethereal first single, ‘Heaven Torn Low II (The Toll)’. Listen + Share ‘Heaven Torn Low II (The Toll)’ Official Audio on YouTube Also available to listen to on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music While Moggridge has been a part […]

Interview: Nocturnus A.D.

THE QUEST OF DR. MAGUSInterview with Mike Browning of NOCTURNUS A.D. By: Dr. Abner Mality In the hallowed year of 1990, nothing was shaking up the metal scene more than death metal. Every place you looked, bands were becoming faster, more distorted, more evil and more transgressive. But who shook up the shakers? Enter NOCTURNUS… The Key was a forward thinking paradigm shift in the death metal world. If you wanted to do something to cross a line, then just add keyboards to death metal. That was considered the ultimate no-no back then. But The Key managed to integrate eerie […]

Album Review: Nocturnus AD – Paradox

There has been an avalanche of really cool releases in the last month…the first new POSSESSED in more than 30 years, the latest from SUNN 0))), new ARCH/MATHEOS, many interesting works from lesser known bands. Well, this might just be the best out of all of them. Never have I heard such a perfect sequel to a classic almost 30 years old. The Key by NOCTURNUS (no A.D. back then) was released in 1990 and really changed the death metal paradigm. It was the first work that showed synthesizers and keyboards could be integrated into extreme death metal successfully. The […]