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Oak Ash & Thorn

Interview: Dark Forest

True metal quartet, DARK FOREST, recently released Oak, Ash & Thorn, an album as imbued with the band’s native British perspective as with the history of the land of their birth. Lord Randall recently sat down with founding songwriter/guitarist Christian Horton to discuss… TO EMBRACE DESTINYInterview with Christian Horton of DARK FORESTInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Back at the start (or your start with the band), did you have a vision of what you wanted DARK FOREST to become over time, and how does what it is today look back on what it was? Christian Horton: In the very […]

UK True Metallers DARK FOREST Return in April with Oak, Ash & Thorn / New Single Streaming

Venerable British true metallers DARK FOREST return with nine songs of epic metal heroics and monumental storytelling on Oak, Ash & Thorn. The album will be released on CD, Vinyl, and Digital formats April 24 on Cruz Del Sur Music. New song ‘The Midnight Folk’ is streaming now HERE With their first studio offering in four years, DARK FOREST marries traditional metal glory with tales from the heart of England’s long and storied past. DARK FOREST founding member, guitarist and songwriter Christian Horton was halfway through the creation of the band’s fifth studio album when he came across a copy […]