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GRIFT reveals first track, video from new NORDVIS album

Autumnal folk/black metal masters GRIFT have just released the new track ‘Skimmertid’. The track is the first to be revealed from the Swedish band’s highly anticipated third album, Budet, set for international release on March 20th via Nordvis Produktion. Hear GRIFT’s ‘Skimmertid’ across all digital platforms HERE. Some questions asked with a heavy heart are not always to be answered. Still, they need to be asked. Some prophecies of things to come are not pleasant to contemplate. Still, they will be revealed by the unyielding passage of time. Some memories are best left buried. Still, what’s left behind usually greets […]

BLOOD AND SUN reveal first track from new NORDVIS album

Today, dark folk maverick BLOOD AND SUN reveal the new track ‘Dusk Century’. The track is the first to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Love & Ashes, set for international release on February 28th via Nordvis Produktion. Hear BLOOD AND SUN’s ‘Dusk Century’ across all digital platforms HERE. With might and heart, BLOOD AND SUN return. With resonant eloquence, Luke Tromiczak and friends plant a new seed into the murky soil of dark folk, birthing the heartfelt new album Love & Ashes. Nine fresh songs lit a beacon of inspiration and knowledge into the desolate nights […]


Nordvis Produktion announces April 26th as the international release date for MURG’s highly anticipated third album, Strävan, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Strävan – “striving”or “endeavor” – is the third album of the anonymous Swedish black metal duo MURG. Strävan finalizes the trilogy begun in 2015 with the debut album Varg och Björn (‘Wolf And Bear’) and was continued with Gudatall (‘Godpine’). Here in this final chapter, humankind as we know it, with all our flaws and perversions, no longer exists: a new form is created, a perfect beast born to sacrifice itself to end the entire universe. Strävan […]