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nebular carcoma

Sweden’s LEVIATHAN set release date for long-awaited new NEBULAR CARCOMA album

Nebular Carcoma announces October 12th as the international release date for the long-awaited second album of Sweden’s LEVIATHAN, Förmörkelse, on vinyl LP format. The cassette tape version will be released earlier by Bile Noire with alternate art. One of the most cult names before the term “cult” began being bandied about with reckless abandon, LEVIATHAN appeared out of nowhere in 2002 with one album, Far Beyond The Light, and then disappeared forever. Granted, the man behind this LEVIATHAN was no newcomer: one Phycon, who concurrently drummed in Armagedda before their demise and the precursor Volkermord. As such, the breadth of […]

NEBULAR CARCOMA to release NEGATIVA’s mini-album on vinyl

Nebular Carcoma sets December 6th as the international release date for NEGATIVA’s cult 01 mini-album on 12″ vinyl format, featuring fully remastered sound and presented on a single-sided LP. NEGATIVA are a prolific and mysterious force hailing from Spain. The entity’s two central figures, multi-instrumentalist DB and vocalist D.R., respectively maintain the well-regarded Délirant (of the Mystískaos cabal) and Atrabilis. Together, as NEGATIVA, do the duo create delirious, tortured, but credibly avant-garde black metal, worming deep within atonality and tension to find bittersweet resolution and maimed ‘n’ malformed melody. Of the band’s prolific clutch of releases, arguably, NEGATIVA’s 01 is […]