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RUFF MAJIK: Ghost Cult Unveils Zombie Apocalypse Themed Video From South African Stoner Rock Unit; The Devil’s Cattle Full-Length To See Release October 30th Via Mongrel Records

‘Lead Pills And Thrills’ is the third single to be released from The Devil’s Cattle, the upcoming full-length from South African stoner rock collective RUFF MAJIK. It’s the first one to feature long-time producer and new member Evert Snyman plus founding member Johni Holiday front and centre on vocal duties. It’s also the first time the band experimented with piano driven rock ‘n’ roll. Lyrically, the latest single song deals with crippling addiction to both lost love and alcohol. The video is the conceptual follow up to the animated feature for previous single ‘Who Keeps Score’. Comments guitarist/vocalist Johni Holiday, […]