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Album Review: Defleshed – Grind Over Matter

This is unbelievable. I’ve been covering metal music for close to a quarter of a century and I have never heard a band that’s been out of commission as long as DEFLESHED pick up right where they left off so seamlessly and completely as this. Their last record was in 2005. Grind Over Matter sounds like it could have come out in 2006. It’s like nothing happened! These guys have always had laser-like focus on the kind of music they want to produce and that has absolutely not changed here. If anything, it’s intensified. DEFLESHED has always put out albums […]

MERCYFUL FATE Announces First North American Headlining Tour In Over Two Decades; Tickets On Sale Friday, September 9th

Heavy metal icons MERCYFUL FATE today announce their first North American headlining tour in over two decades! The journey will commence on October 25th in Dallas, Texas and weave its way through fourteen cities, closing on November 16th in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour follows the band’s stunning headlining performance at this year’s edition of Psycho Las Vegas. Vocalist King Diamond comments, “These will be the first MERCYFUL FATE concerts in North American theaters in over twenty years. Memories of a lifetime. Your special chance to see MERCYFUL FATE with the full European festival production, but up close and personal. You […]

Album Review: Mantar – Pain Is Forever And This Is The End

Every few years these guys pop up and the more hipster division of the metal press loses their shit over them. Then they soon disappear without a ripple again. Well, it’s time for MANTAR to surface again, this time on Metal Blade with an album title that sets itself up for parody right away. Or maybe it’s getting too close for comfort… Anyhoo, let me dive into it. How to describe MANTAR? Well, they certainly are not what I would call death, black or thrash metal, but they are quite heavy and morose. Their deceptively simple and basic style seems […]

Album Review: Wake – Thought Form Descent

‘Infinite Inward’ slowly rolls into our vision over the horizon, an incoming tide lapping at the shore, and it’s clear WAKE is seeking something grander here. Soon enough, though, the softly swirling waters become waves of destructive proportions. Much like HAUNTER’s past few albums, I’ve become interested in what happens when screamo and/or grind bands veer hard left into metallic lands. For both bands, the move has actually made me take notice, as their approach to and way of looking at metal are wildly different than the norm. Encompassing, this opening benefits greatly from a pristine production, accentuating every nuance, […]

Metal Blade Records Celebrates 40 Years

“So as we enter our 40th year it is pretty crazy to think about that. The first thing I thought of was reissuing the first Metal Massacre album. I thought it would be difficult to get the rights etc.. it ended up being one of the easiest things as all the bands were super cool and now hopefully you got a copy! We’re still planning some cool shows and parties for this year so stay tuned for those! It’s been pretty overwhelming with all the stuff that’s happened so far and its certainly amazing —just all the things that have […]

Rivers Of Nihil Debut The Work Documentary

RIVERS OF NIHIL unleashed The Work on the world back in September of 2021. In continued celebration of the album, the band are prepared to finally release a mini-doc that offers a look into the creative process and recording of The Work. The short film was directed by Mike Trueheart, who also helmed the band’s music video for ‘Clean’ and instrumental playthroughs for ‘More?’, and ‘The Void from Which No Sound Escapes’. Follow the band’s creative process around Reading, PA with producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland on YouTube HERE RIVERS OF NIHIL are set to return to the road […]

Album Review: Midnight – Let There Be Witchery

There aren’t many good things to come out of the Buckeye State. As a Michigander there are the obvious “sportsball” rivalries, but mainly Ohio’s just something to avoid driving through on your way to get anywhere else. Don’t wanna “get any on ya” or anything. And yet, this is where the nasty blackthrashspeed of founder and sole member Athenar has thriven for nearly two decades now. Thus, I’ve promised myself this review will only take as long to write as a listen through his fifth under the black banner of MIDNIGHT. Thoughts of some piss-poor “intro” get flushed septic-ward once […]

Album Review: HATE – Rugia

Poland’s HATE has been at it for over three decades now, in many incarnations, but always helmed by Adam “The First Sinner” Buszko, so, to put it bluntly, the praise or blame has always rested on his shoulders when it comes to the quality of the death/black outfit. For myself, HATE has sort of just been “there”, no great opinion one way or the other, in that I can see why someone may enjoy it, but I’ve also never been in the mood for the band specifically. Featuring a new rhythm section (again), and joined once more by Domin, who’s […]

Byzantine announces 21st anniversary USA tour

Formed in the summer of 2000, progressive groove metal band BYZANTINE will headline 15 performances this July and August, with local support acts TBA. Frontman and founding member Chris “OJ” Ojeda comments: “Maintaining a band with 4 members for this long has been one of the most difficult, yet rewarding tasks I’ve taken on. We formed the same year as Mastodon, The Ocean and Between The Buried And Me, and to be able to write and record music on a label such as Metal Blade Records at this point in our career is very rewarding. We look forward to performing […]

Cirith Ungol reveals details for new EP, Half Past Human; launches new single, ‘Brutish Manchild’

On May 28th, CIRITH UNGOL will release their new EP, Half Past Human, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview, the new single, ‘Brutish Manchild’, can be heard at THIS LOCATION, where the EP can also be pre-ordered in the following formats: digipak-CD 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive) sheer violet marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies) orange aurora vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies) yellow marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies) picture disc (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies) dark red marbled vinyl (US exclusive) The globe was ravaged by […]