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Album Review: Tribulation – Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

This is the first time I’ve checked in with TRIBULATION in a while. I remember when these guys were filthy death metal, and on Pulverised Records, but no trace of that band remains on Where The Gloom Becomes Sound. The album title is a fairly good indicator of what you will find within. This is not head-crushing or neck breaking metal, but something more ethereal and haunting, while still retaining a metal edge. If GHOST is too poppy for you, TRIBULATION might be a good alternative that will let you keep your cred. “Haunting” is indeed the best word for […]

Bolt Thrower: Mercenary, Honour-Valour-Pride and Those Once Loyal LP re-issues now available via Metal Blade Records

On January 22nd, BOLT THROWER will release LP re-issues of their classic albums Mercenary, Honour-Valour-Pride, and Those Once Loyal via Metal Blade Records. Pre-order your copies now at: USA EU UK See below for an overview of available Formats/Tracklistings: Mercenary formats: 180g black vinyl snow slush white marbled vinyl (limited to 1100 copies) autumn orange marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies) white w/ blue splatter vinyl (Kings Road exclusive – limited to 200 copies) white / grey melt vinyl (Kings Road exclusive – limited to 100 copies) mustard / olive marbled vinyl (Eyesore exclusive – limited to […]

Dread Sovereign launches video for new single, ‘The Great Beast We Serve’; earns top marks from Deaf Forever Magazine. Rock Hard Germany, etc.

On January 15th, DREAD SOVEREIGN will release their third full-length, Alchemical Warfare – which has already received top marks from Deaf Forever Magazine (#1 soundcheck!), Rock Hard Germany (#2 soundcheck), Legacy Magazine (#2 soundcheck), and Metal Hammer Germany (#5 soundcheck). For a preview of the record, a video for the new single, ‘The Great Beast We Serve’, can be viewed at THIS LOCATION The previously released track, ‘Nature Is The Devil’s Church’, can be heard HERE – where Alchemical Warfare can be pre-ordered in the following formats: digipak-CD 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive) slate blue / grey marbled vinyl (EU […]

Album Review: Artillery – The Last Journey [Single]

While I’d normally not bother with reviewing a single release here, ARTILLERY is one of Denmark’s greatest musical contributions to the world of metal, another being MERCYFUL FATE, and another not being Lars Ulrich. But that’s another story. ARTILLERY is also one of the first heavier bands I discovered on my own, “liberating” Metal Mania magazine off the rack at the grocer’s in Alabama in the mid-‘80s under my denim jacket, which I didn’t realize was already part of the metal “uniform”. The pic of the band beside the Terror Squad write-up had the brothers Stützer & co. brandishing firearms, […]

Album Review: Falconer – From A Dying Ember

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been into FALCONER since before there was a FALCONER. With the ending of MITHOTYN, I was glad to see founding guitarist Stefan Weinerhall moving on in any capacity, and FALCONER fit the bill, which now comes full circle in the band’s final release. While 2014’s Black Moon Rising was undoubtedly FALCONER at its heaviest, most gritty, I wasn’t expecting the lackluster ‘Kings And Queens’, which opens From A Dying Ember. Musically, the band still knows how to write a tune, but Mathias just sounds tired. Not just a bit weary; dog-ass-dragging knackered and, […]

Album Review: Ensiferum – Thalassic

It’s been a while since I shipped out with ENSIFERUM, the Euro folk metal veterans. A lot has changed in that time. Folk metal has gone from a relative novelty to a well-worn genre with hordes of bands jostling each other for attention. I remembered the band being more “warrior-like” and stern than the fun and happy melodies that pop up on Thalassic – too happy and fun for this grumpy Cornish Viking to digest. I like my folk metal with a bit more grit than this. Everything on Thalassic has been polished to a blinding sheen and many of […]

Neaera launches video for ‘Deathless’

After the successful release of their self-titled comeback album in February which resulted in a Top 10 chart entry in Germany (on position 8!) NEAERA is now launching a brand new video (directed by Ben Liepelt for Port Royal Films) for the album track ‘Deathless’. Please view the video HERE. The live footage in the video was filmed during the band’s release show for NEAERA in Münster, Germany on February, 29th. Comments singer Benjamin Hilleke: “One of the songs on our current album is called ‘Deathless’, which deals with the topic of sexualised violence. According to UNIFEM it is estimated […]

Cult of Lilith signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Iceland’s CULT OF LILITH to its worldwide roster! Formed in 2015, CULT OF LILITH draws inspiration from multiple genres and time periods of music: metal (and all of its sub-genres), jazz, blues, flamenco, avant-garde, baroque and classical music. Uncompromising, raw and brutal, with hauntingly beautiful melodies, CULT OF LILITH is truly unique and diverse, but has a cohesive theme that binds all of their musical elements together. CULT OF LILITH comments: “We are beyond happy to announce this signing with a label which has influenced generations including us. It is an honor to […]

Album Review: God Dethroned – Illuminati

GOD DETHRONED has been one of my “go to” bands since the early ’90s, as well as probably the top extreme metal act from Holland. That’s why it pains me to say that their latest, Illuminati, is a very average release, and one that lacks the usual fire and fury we can expect from Henri Sattler and whoever his current cohorts are. It’s not that the band have radically changed their style here, or that this lacks technical skill and ability. Something just seems off about it. It is generally slower than what we’ve been getting from GOD DETHRONED and […]

Album Review: Don Jamieson – Denim And Leather

I’m not a big fan of “fun”. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing things in life, but “fun” – in the traditional sense, at least – has always, in the words of TOM WAITS “…rubbed me up the wrong way.” The same goes doubly for stand-up comedy. Quite frankly, all our gods are dead in that realm, and modernity (by and large) has yet to bestow on us the next Foxx, Hedberg, Carlin, Williams, Hicks, Bruce, or Gardner. You get where I’m going with this, surely… I’ll admit to being fairly curious when DON JAMIESON announced his first offering, […]