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Album Review: Chrome Waves – Earth Will Shed Its Skin

Let’s just get this out of the way to start with. The term “post-” anything has begun to rub me very much the wrong way when it comes to genre identifiers. Yes, yes, I understand, due to the seemingly endless sub-sub-subgenres comingling in some bland incestuous orgy of redundancy, you “need” defining terms to guide you toward artists/bands that might be of interest. I get that. My true contention is that the prefix “post-” has been deep in glut for years now, much the same as the progressive scene experienced in the ‘70s. Chicago’s CHROME WAVES have been at it […]

TEGMENTUM – A New Cosmic Metal Project – Signs With M-Theory Audio

TEGMENTUM is a cosmic progressive metal project with Michael Ball producing the music and playing guitar, Chelsea Murphy (DAWN OF OUROBOROS, CAILLEACH CALLING) on vocals, Kenji Tsunami (ONTOGENY, NARCOTIC WASTELAND) on bass, and Andrew Baird (FALLUJAH) on drums. This project is formed with the intent of crossing over progressive metal styles with more extreme elements typically found in technical death metal bands. “TEGMENTUM is humbled to be accepted into the M-Theory Audio family. The recognition they’ve given our unique sound means a lot, and we’re immensely grateful for the chance to be featured among their roster of killer bands,” states […]


The influential San Francisco crossover thrash metal act MORDRED – who this summer will release their first full-length record in over 25 years – has unveiled a music video for ‘Love Of Money’, the latest clip from the band’s 2020 comeback EP, Volition. Shot on location in San Francisco by Eddie Granillo for Keptone Filmz and featuring actress Szandora Lavey. Check it out at THIS LOCATION “We all want her sometimes and we all need her sometimes,” says guitarist Danny White. “Some would kill for her. Some would die for her. Some would commit crimes for her. Few can walk […]