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I Notturni Di Yuggoth

Cadabra Records Presents H. P. LOVECRAFT’s I Notturni Di Yuggoth LP Featuring Music By Fabio Frizzi And Reading By Andrew Leman

Spoken Arts label Cadabra Records is tremendously eager to announce their impending rendition of H. P. LOVECRAFT’s I Notturni Di Yuggoth, now slated for release in September. Decibel Magazine is hosting a stream of the LP’s ‘Night-Gaunts’ as preorders for the record are made available. LOVECRAFT’s I Notturni Di Yuggoth will be issued in a deluxe vinyl-only pressing featuring newly commissioned art by Jeremy Hush. The reading for the title is delivered with incredible poise by stage and screen icon and consistent Cadabra reader Andrew Leman (H. P. LOVECRAFT Historical Society). The haunting music performed by famed composer Fabio Frizzi […]