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-(16)- and Grime stream devastatingly heavy split EP in full

L.A.-based sludge metal giants -(16)- and Trieste’s revered filth merchants GRIME partnered up with Cvlt Nation to premiere their devastatingly heavy Doom Sessions Vol. 3 split EP, coming out this February 26th on Heavy Psych Sounds. Following along the elephantine trail marked by Conan and Deadsmoke’s Doom Sessions Vol. 1, and Acid Mammoth and 1782’s Doom Sessions Vol. 2, Heavy Psych Sounds keep making the world rumble with their ‘Doom Sessions’ split series, pairing together some of the most frighteningly heavy bands on earth. This third chapter features five caustic, aggressive and previously unreleased tracks by Relapse Records stalwarts -(16)- […]

BONGZILLA: new single ‘Sundae Driver’ + album preorder available on HPS Records

Midwest sludge behemoths and all-time weed metal pioneers BONGZILLA unleash their brand new single ‘Sundae Driver’ exclusively on Decibel Magazine. The song is taken from their forthcoming fifth album Weedsconsin, due out April 20th and available to preorder now through Heavy Psych Sounds. Featuring a three-piece lineup of all original members—bassist/vocalist Muleboy, guitarist Spanky and drummer Magma, ‘Sundae Driver’ delivers the kind of hazy, heavy-as-hell doom that BONGZILLA earned their reputation peddling. The riffs on ‘Sundae Driver’ are low and slow, sounding like they originate in a smoke-filled room; paired with a flattening rhythm section, the instruments create the ideal […]

WEDGE: new song ‘Across The Water’ available for streaming

Berlin-based classic rock specialists WEDGE have recently announced the release of their third studio album, Like No Tomorrow, on Heavy Psych Sounds. To follow with roaring first single, ‘Computer’, the trio reveals a second single with ‘Across The Water’. “Although the new album is packed with straight-forward rock songs like our first single ‘Computer’, there are also a few somewhat mellower tunes with a psychedelic touch. ‘Across The Water’ is one of them. An electric piano played through a rotating Leslie cabinet, harmonized vocals, tremolo and fuzzy tape-delayed backwards guitars are building the dreamy soundscape of this song.” says the […]

Album Review: Big Scenic Nowhere – Lavender Blues [EP]

I would’ve skipped on BIG SCENIC NOWHERE’s Vision Beyond Horizon of earlier this year by virtue of not only the terms “stoner rock” and (even worse) “desert rock” being bandied about, but the trifecta of disinterest was reached with the knowledge that a member of FU MANCHU figured heavily into the band’s makeup. That band and their sonic cohorts in the Dune Buggy/Shaggin’ Wagon set of fun-in-the-sun weed worshippers are just not my type of stoner anything, rock or otherwise. They’re simply doing it wrong. The announcement of the release of Lavender Blues, however, caught my eye in a big […]

BIG SCENIC NOWHERE ‘Lavender Blues’ EP Out on October 23rd on Heavy Psych Sounds

Listen to new single ‘Lavender Blues’ at THIS LOCATION Anyone familiar with the terms “Stoner Rock” or “Desert Rock” have surely heard the names FU MANCHU or YAWNING MAN. If you’re a die hard fan of the genre, or a causal observer, you know that both bands have been dishing out quality material since the beginning. While stylistically different, both bands occupy legendary status. FU MANCHU’s sun-drenched, stratospheric, fuzz worship sound and YAWNING MAN’s ethereal, ambient delay have never been crossbred until now. It’s certainty a good time to be alive if you’re a fan of either band. While the […]