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Fungal Warfare Upon All Life

Album Review: Blood Spore – Fungal Warfare Upon All Life

I always get a little snarky when a band’s first release for a label is also their demo/album that originally came out anywhere from a month to years prior. I get the feeling the band’s got new material in the bag or “almost ready”, but one party or another wanted to buy some time for whatever reason. ‘Hostile Fruiting Bodies’ blooms and looms large, towering, crimson-bathed riffs and near-sludge pacing in parts, gnarled OBITUARY-an gore (think Cause Of Death) in others, the section from 1:16-1:33 being particularly Cro-Magnon in its abuse. Slow, and with a tinge of sable-hued psychedelia, I […]

BLOOD SPORE set release date for BLOOD HARVEST debut EP, reveal first track

Blood Harvest Records sets February 28th, 2020 as the international release date for BLOOD SPORE’s striking debut EP, Fungal Warfare Upon All Life, on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats. BLOOD SPORE are a four-piece extreme metal act that spawned in Philadelphia in the human year 2018. The band came together under the unifying vision of the ancient, immortal, conscious fungal mass that is hellbent on consuming and repurposing all life that roosts upon the Earth. With almost preternatural ease, BLOOD SPORE combine pummeling death metal with somatic doom, chaotic black metal, and malevolently more to create a highly […]