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Fire In The Mountains

STEVE VON TILL: Neurosis Guitarist/Vocalist Announces Special Performance At Fire In The Mountains Festival

Neurosis guitarist/vocalist STEVE VON TILL announces a rare and special performance, as part of this year’s Fire In The Mountains festival. Taking place in the shadows of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, Fire In The Mountains MMXX will take place July 10th through 12th. STEVE VON TILL joins the lineup which includes Enslaved as well as Yob, Hexvessel, a Bell Witch & Ariel Ruin collaborative set, Obsequiae, Wayfarer, Dreadnought, and many more. In addition to Enslaved’s headlining performance of the gathering, the band’s Ivar Bjørnson is the 2020 feature curator, presenting a special On Wings Over Utgard segment of […]