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CENTINEX stream new track from upcoming album, Death In Pieces

Swedish old-school, death metal veterans CENTINEX premiere first single from their upcoming studio album, Death In Pieces, set to be released on May 29th via Agonia Records. The new track is titled ‘Only Death Remains’, and is available in the form of a lyric video HERE CENTINEX originated in 1990 as a riff-oriented part of the classic Swedish death metal movement and disbanded in 2005 after releasing eight full-length albums. In 2014 they resurfaced, quite surprisingly, and with a refreshed line-up, delivered their celebrated come-back record, Redeeming Filth. The next album was inevitable and didn’t take another decade to assemble. […]

HAIL SPIRIT NOIR sign with Agonia Records

Greek psychodelic prog metal band HAIL SPIRIT NOIR have signed a record deal with Agonia Records. The sextet’s new album is complete and has been slated for a tentative release in June 2020. HAIL SPIRIT NOIR is an intriguing psychedelic prog metal band, with strong experimental and prog rock influences, recommended for fans of Oranssi Pazuzu, Ulver, Borknagar, or Ghost, yet with an identity of its own. Their third and last album, Mayhem In Blue, was released to critical acclaim in 2016, and was followed by several festival appearances, including a thundering performance at Roadburn (which simultaneously marked the first-ever […]

Interview: Origin

POINT OF ORIGINInterview with ORIGINBy: Dr. Abner Mality At the tail end of the 90’s something unexpected and ominous rose from the plains of Kansas. One would not have expected such a placid environment to produce one of the fiercest and most extreme sounds in all of metal, but so it was. ORIGIN exploded into existence and has continued to rain radioactive hellfire upon the metallic public ever since. But ORIGIN had a lengthier incubation period than its cataclysmic arrival would seem to suggest. The beginnings of the band had been percolating and bubbling in the Kansas plains from a […]