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Album Review: Mors Principium Est – Seven

I’ve always had a soft spot for melodic death metal, especially that of the Scandinavian/Teutonic variety, so Finland’s MORS PRINCIPIUM EST fit easily into my listening choices when NIGHT IN GALES took a hiatus for the ‘10s, when we didn’t know if AT THE GATES was going to be a thing anymore, and when IN FLAMES disappeared up its own ass starting with 1999’s Colony, incidentally the year of MPE’s founding. Now on its appropriately-titled 7th album, the duo has largely been reliable, not having released an outright clunker during its two decades. Certainly, there are some standouts as well […]

PYRAMAZE sign with AFM and release first video/single

Danish Progressive Power Metal group PYRAMAZE has just inked a record deal in order to put out their next full-length studio album, called Epitaph, via AFM Records. The album will be released on November 13th – pre-order started a week ago. Both AFM Records and PYRAMAZE are extremely happy about the deal and are looking forward to a strong, professional and hopefully long partnership. This new musical union offers good prospects for both parties – while PYRAMAZE found a partner that has great expertise working with a lot of successful Progressive and Power Metal artist such as Evergrey, Orden Ogan, […]

Album Review: Onslaught – Generation Antichrist

ONSLAUGHT soldiers on, and you have to admire them for that. They recently lost long-time vocalist Sy Keeler, but barely missed a step, coming up with new man Dave Garnett. They also resolutely continue playing high speed thrash metal in ’80s style. Why, then, does Generation Antichrist come across as so generic? The sound of the album is that of a million and one other modern thrash albums. ONSLAUGHT’s ancient debut Power From Hell was crudely produced and murky, but still remains their most memorable opus, but Generation Antichrist seems to have come off a thrash metal assembly line. I […]

Album Review: Sinister – Deformation Of The Holy Realm

If Europe has an equivalent to CANNIBAL CORPSE, it’s got to be SINISTER. These Dutch madmen have been going at it at least as long as the Boys from Buffalo…this is their 14th album! And they are still as brutal as a nightstick shoved down your throat! With hyper-aggressive death metal, there’s a certain amount of monotony that arises and while SINISTER doesn’t totally avoid it, they do a pretty good job of keeping it at bay here. Hard to believe a band with a 30-year history can still smash skulls and tear out guts like this. The tunes are […]

BONFIRE – new album, Fistful Of Fire, coming April 2020

BONFIRE are announcing their album release for April 3rd 2020!The new longplayer, Fistful Of Fire, comes with compelling Hard Rock cover artwork, and 14 outstanding new tracks. The combination of toughness and great melodies suites BONFIRE perfectly. The German Hard Rock Legends show again all their typical trademarks, dearly beloved by fans all around the globe: charismatic vocals, catchy riffs and hooks and driving grooves! “Fistful Of Fire is definitely one of the toughest BONFIRE albums ever. This development already became apparent the last time around,” explains guitarist and founder member Hans Ziller. “However, this time our approach was even […]