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Album Review: Sammath – Grebbeberg

After just shy of three decades, Dutch force SAMMATH knows well what it is and what it is not and, now seven albums into the fight, it damned well should. Over the past three albums, though, the band has transformed into a three-pronged attack led, as always by J. Kruitwagen. So let us march to Grebbeberg and hope we make it home, because not all will. Scandinavian black metal bands, especially in the more Northern countries, seem often quite obsessed with the topic and imagery of WWII – and not to lessen any losses from those battles – but the […]

Interview: SAMMATH

Black metal death engine, SAMMATH, has been crushing eardrums under its tank treads for over a quarter century, yet sixth full-length, Across The Rhine Is Only Death shows no second of fatigue, no moment of weariness or unreliability from founder J. Kruitwagen & co. Normally, we keep current as possible with interviews, but our recent chat was too good not to include here. Lord Randall armors up… THE STRENGTH OF KRUPP STAHL Interview with J. Kruitwagen of SAMMATH Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: After putting out your first 4 albums on a fairly regular schedule, it’s been close to […]