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Album Review: Liv Kristine – River Of Diamonds

LIV KRISTINE, she of the many bands/projects/faces returns with her sixth solo effort, River Of Diamonds. While yours truly had never really “gotten” LEAVES’ EYES, preferring her work with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and MIDNATTSOL, the issue was never her vocals, more the musical style. This will be my first foray into LIV KRISTINE, the solo artist. And, as I’m not expecting Velvet Darkness They Fear, I feel I’ll be able to approach the album objectively. ‘Our Immortal Day’ begins, awash in keys, a throbbing bassline and the tandem vocal delivery (shared here by Osten Bergoy of LONG NIGHT and TRISTANIA) […]

Album Review: Balls Gone Wild – Stay Wild

Something tells me we’re not going to get a deep discussion of gnostic hermeticism from a band called BALLS GONE WILD. Now some wags might call them BALLS GONE MILD, but honestly, these guys are shooting for simple hard rock, not skull-crushing metal. With that being said, this is a pretty forgettable release. The press sheet describes them as “AC/DC meets MOTORHEAD” but BGW doesn’t have anywhere near the grittiness of those two bands. It’s not even on the same planet, although the basic riffs do bring AC/DC to mind on occasion. But to me, it sounds like AC/DC filtered […]

Album Review: MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT – Ton Steine Sterben

For a band who’s been around for a decade as of this year, to be referred to as “the German LAMB OF GOD” is likely not as flattering as one would think. After ten full years, shouldn’t MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT (“My Head Is A Brutal Place”, for those who care) have at least taken steps towards developing its own sound? Its own identity? Now I understand full well that bands aren’t always to blame for their PR info, and sometimes such veers from slight exaggeration to all out untruth, but gotta shift them units, right? And in […]

Album Review: Godslave – Positive Aggressive

Ahh, thrash. For me, coming into my teens in 1985, heavy metal was beginning to stake its claim in my pubescent, hormone-driven/angst-ridden/terminally depressed soul. MOLLY HATCHET, OZZY OSBOURNE and TWISTED SISTER were slowly ceding listening time to MEGADETH, DARK ANGEL and CANDLEMASS. Things were getting hectic. And then, thanks to print rags such as Metal Mania, and Kerrang, I began to hear about SODOM, KREATOR, etc. It seemed those German bands had a bite, a hunger, razor-styled riffing and raspy vocals that the US bands just weren’t giving me. To this day, the thrash I do enjoy is mainly of […]

UK Thrash kings Solitary sign to Metalville Records for the release of incredible new album, The Truth Behind The Lies

SOLITARY have signed a new deal with German label Metalville Records. Metalville Records was founded in 2008 by Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger and former Nuclear Blast A&R man Holger Koch and has gone from strength to strength over the last twelve years – picking up gold and silver discs for their artists, along with Metal Hammer award nominations and chart placings in Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, the UK and USA. Now established as a major player in the rock and metal market, Metalville is home to internationally successful artists like Ugly Kid Joe, Lee Aaron, Foghat, Dog […]

Album Review: Formosa – Danger Zone

With two albums under its belt (2016’s Tight & Sexy and Sorry For Being Sexy from 2018), and promo photos that make FORMOSA look like either stunt doubles for General Zod, Non and Ursa from Superman II or extras from the Blue Oyster scenes in the first Police Academy movie, I cannot bloody wait to hear this shit. ‘Dynamite’ prances out of the gate, positively poppy, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL at half-speed and ¼ the passion, and ‘Masquerade’ fares not much better, FORMOSA revealing itself to be any one of a thousand club bands you can see in any mid-sized […]

LEE AARON reveals trailer from first-ever live album on METALVILLE

With Sean Kelly on guitar, Dave Reimer on bass, and John Cody on drums – a band whose resume includes work with Nelly Furtado, Bryan Adams, and BTO to name but a few – Lee and her band inspire the spirit of great “live” classic rock albums of the ’70s with performances that move and live and breathe, putting the listener in the center of the concert magic. Power, Soul, Rock N’ Roll – Live In Germany is a “no fixes and no tricks” off-the-floor recording of two incredible performances in front of Lee’s much-loved German fans, beautifully recorded and expertly mixed by legendary […]