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Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar

YAOTL MICTLAN: Salt Lake City Black Metal Act To Release Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar LP Via American Line Productions In October; ‘Nuevo Fuego’ Streaming + Preorders Posted

Stream YAOTL MICTLAN’s ‘Nuevo Fuego’ HERE Salt Lake City, Utah-based black metal outfit YAOTL MICTLAN has completed their third album and is preparing to release Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar in late October through American Line Productions. The band has posted the advance single ‘Nuevo Fuego’ for streaming alongside preorders for the record and more. Sagrada Tierra del Jaguar shows YAOTL MICTLAN – which translates into “Warrior(s) from the land of the Dead” in the Mexican language Nahuatl – delivering their most epic material to date, focusing on an overall deeper Mesoamerican mysticism feel to the music. Eight expansive songs take […]