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Rotting Paradise

Album Review: AngelBlast – Rotting Paradise

A word on ANGELBLAST. Well, not much more than “a word”, as the entity has only just been shat forth from creation’s uterus, and all we really know is that it features in its ranks members of EXCRUCIATE and DARKENED. No surprise, then, that what’s on offer is death metal. Because the world needs another death metal band like it needs another hole in the head. To its credit, though, the title track of Rotting Paradise cranks up with a seconds-long snare roll, then gets down to the skullcrush. Subterfuge melodies writhe beneath the surface of passionately-delivered death reminiscent of […]

ANGELBLAST set release date for EDGED CIRCLE debut EP – features members of Sweden’s EXCRUCIATE and DARKENED

Edged Circle Productions announces December 20th as the international release date for ANGELBLAST’s striking debut EP, Rotting Paradise, on 7″ vinyl and digital formats. Although a brand-new entity, ANGELBLAST hold a wealth of experience within their ranks, featuring members from old-school Swedeath cult Excruciate as well as fellow labelmates Darkened. And one listen to the swift ‘n’ slaying Rotting Paradise is proof enough of those deeply entrenched Metal of Death values: throttling and propulsive, winding and dynamic, clear yet crushing, malevolently melodic, and with mind-melted solos to literally die for, ANGELBLAST rip through two tracks (plus eerie outro) with a […]