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Album Review: Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed

MAJESTIES arrives unexpectedly, comprising members of melodic metal Minnesotan entities OBSEQUIAE and INEXORUM. Vast Reaches Unclaimed is its debut, no demos or fanfare prior to release. Forward, then, we march… ‘In Yearning, Alive’ sets the standard, early DARK TRANQUILLITY, IN FLAMES when they mattered, underrated early work by German force NIGHT IN GALES being reference points, Tanner Anderson clearly enjoying being able to put his mid-range snarl to use in a way he doesn’t (normally) within his other main outlet. From even first listen, the production is sharp when needed, yet polished, almost brought to a glittering sheen simultaneously, a […]

MAJESTIES: ‘Our Gracious Captors’ From Melodic Death Metal Act Formed By Obsequiae And Inexorum Members Now Streaming; Debut LP, Vast Reaches Unclaimed, Nears March Release On 20 Buck Spin

Melodic US death metal trio MAJESTIES issues ‘Our Gracious Captors’, the third single from the band’s debut LP, Vast Reaches Unclaimed, nearing March release through 20 Buck Spin. MAJESTIES unites guitarist/vocalist/drummer Tanner Anderson, guitarist Carl Skildum, and bassist Matthew Kirkwold. The sound on Vast Reaches Unclaimed will be another striking addition to their respective oeuvres, recalling the glorious days of Wrong Again and No Fashion Records. Evoking a time when Gothenburg was starting to unseat Stockholm as the unimpeachable city for Swedish death metal in the mind of the international metal scene, MAJESTIES bears that intrinsic sense of rabid intensity […]