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Summoning Death – A Traumatic Night Of The Creeps [EP]

SUMMONING DEATH are from the part of Stockholm that’s in Cancún, MX, and begins ‘Night Of The Creeps’ with an organ as cold as the cryogenics lab in the cult classic that gave the song its name, before the equally frigid madcap riffing kicks in, slicing and dicing, yet still rough around the edges. ‘Halloween’ is where the most trad Swedeath can be found, but there’s the stoic, icy stare of a killer here, the antithesis of the climate of the band’s locale. The quirkiness of MACABRE even gets a nod in the jaunty bridge because the hysteria resumes. There’s […]

Album Review: Cadaver Shrine – Benighted Desecration

When it comes to metal musicians who are insanely busy, two names come to mind. One is Swedish master death metal guitarist Rogga Johansson, aka “Rogga Of The Thousand Bands”. The other is Dutchman Maurice De Jong. the sole mind behind CADAVER SHRINE, who also is in a bewildering number of musical projects, some of them only faintly metal. The gruesome noise project GNAW THEIR TONGUES is likely his most well-known effort. CADAVER SHRINE is another one, the latest (I think?). This one is dedicated to brutish old school death metal in the fashion of old BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, AUTOPSY […]