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Two decades into their journey as ritualistic black metal conjurers, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have emerged from the forest with Primordial Arcana, their most majestic album to date, and their first release via Relapse Records (North America only) out August 20th.

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM share the second single from Primordial Arcana. Watch the ‘Spirit Of Lightning’ visualizer video, filmed by the band, on YouTube HERE

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM comment on the new song:
“‘Spirit Of Lightning’ returns briefly to the earthly plane as a tribute to the human connections forged in music. Metal is a community that’s bonded together through music and spirituality. This song is an homage to that community, that brotherhood and the virtues that can be espoused through it – going all the way back to the progenitors of the genre.”

Primordial Arcana is the band’s first completely self-contained work: In addition to composition and performance, brothers Aaron and Nathan Weaver alongside guitarist Kody Keyworth handled all aspects of recording, producing and mixing at their own Owl Lodge Studios in the woods of Washington state.

Primordial Arcana is out August 20 on DLX 2xLP/2xLP/LP/CD/CS/Digital via Relapse Records (North America) and available through Century Media in Europe. Physical pre-orders are available via Relapse.com HERE and the band HERE
Digital Downloads / Streaming at THIS LOCATION

Watch WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM’s ‘Mountain Magick’ music video HERE

Primordial Arcana super limited, one time pressing Deluxe 2LP is cut at 45rpm featuring the bonus track ‘Skyclad Passage’ not contained on the core 1LP album. North American colorways of this version available through Relapse.com and direct from the WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM webstore and live performances.

Primordial Arcana Tracklist:
Mountain Magick
Spirit Of Lightning
Through Eternal Fields
Primal Cham (Gift Of Fire)
Underworld Aurora
Masters Of Rain And Storm
Skyclad Passage (Bonus Track)

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