Minneapolis (MN) – Veteran U.S. Doom/Death band COLD COLOURS just celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2019, and for an encore have now released 2 Decades Of Depression, a digital compilation of live, acoustic, demo, and various other gems from the vault. Of particular note are the remastered single ‘Daylight’ and a cover of the Bathory classic ‘The Lake’. Purchase and/or stream the album in its entirety HERE

Track List:

  1. The Lake (Bathory cover) [LISTEN]
  2. A Life Forlorn
  3. The Pale Heart
  4. Daylight (remaster) [LISTEN]
  5. Suicidal Somnium (demo)
  6. Lupus98
  7. Lost In Dream
  8. Suicidal Somnium (live acoustic)
  9. Lost (live acoustic)
  10. Breathe In (live acoustic)
  11. Agony (live acoustic)
  12. The Last Regret (live)
  13. Waiting (live)
  14. Autumn Reign (live)

COLD COLOURS celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2019 with the February 22 release of fifth full-length album, Northernmost. Stream/Purchase Northernmost HERE