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Album Review: Mizmor – Prosaic

MIZMOR’s fourth proceeds, ‘Only An Expanse’ a whirlwind of unadorned and raw auricular fury, which is strange, given the acceptance of the subject matter. Not so much resigned to fate as an “…in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content”, yet aware that moods shift, experiences at times flash through, and in others drag one into the slough. It’s rare that our bright flashes of happiness can be converted to a sustaining joy, also uncommon that a grief, a trauma, a general “bad event” doesn’t want to rest its weary feet in the cabin of our heart and lives […]

Album Review: Kruelty – Untopia

Tokyo five-pointed star of extremity KRUELTY returns with its second, Untopia, ‘Unknown Nightmare’ opening with a ritual type chant that lulls into a false sense of security, obliterated once the tune proper kicks in. Bulldozer riffs, one of the most addictive bass tones I’ve heard in too long and insistent drums bolster Tatami’s Straight Outta Stockholm vocal hysterics, the band moving deftly in and out of beatdown HXC, NIHILIST-ic stench and COFFINS crawl, and the first song ain’t even over yet. ‘Harder Than Before’ burns with a RINGWORM-like urgency, as frantic, but snapping into time to deliver a breakdown any […]

Album Review: Cosmic Putrefaction – Crepuscular Dirge For The Blessed Ones

What do you do when it’s 5am, you’ve been awake around 10 minutes, and you don’t drink coffee? Apparently for me, you slap on some COSMIC PUTREFACTION to see what the day may bring. I’d like to say I’d heard of this Italian death metal outfit prior, but as it’s simply not the case, come along… Three albums in four years is no easy task, even for a full band. Factor in possible droughts in inspiration and quality of work, and it becomes all the more difficult. Lone gunman G.G. chooses to snatch me from Morpheus’ grip with the angular, […]

Album Review: Haunter – Discarnate Ails

Something happened to San Antonio’s HAUNTER between 2016 debut Thrinodia and Sacramental Death Qualia, which was to follow three years after. What happened was this: a run-of-the-mill screamo trio embraced death metal and became something a bit more in the process. And now, three years after, we’re subjected to Discarnate Ails. Now, from Thrinodia onwards the members were fond of long, extended pieces, but Discarnate Ails (we’ll call it HAUNTER’s second album, but don’t tell them) is made up of three tracks clocking in at an armadillo’s tail over the half-hour mark. I’ve never ever “gotten” screamo, but friends who […]

BOG BODY: New York City Cult Black Metal Duo Issues Dregs Soar To The Skies’ Single; Debut LP, Cryonic Crevasse Cult, Nears Release Through Profound Lore Records

As New York City black metal cult BOG BODY prepares for the May release of their debut full-length album, Cryonic Crevasse Cult, label home Profound Lore Records today offers the latest auditory barrage from the record, issuing the new single ‘Dregs Soar To The Skies’. Following in the footsteps of their 2018 Through The Burial Bog demo and 2020’s The Gate Of Grief MLP, BOG BODY – a duo consisting solely of bass, drums, and vocals – has transcended the cultic guts of black metal’s early forefathers with a subsonic war doom incursion for their debut album that’s as much […]

Album Review: Buňuel – Killers Like Us

Luis Buňuel was a film-maker who liked to shock and surprise. This is the guy we have to thank for images of eyeballs being slashed by razor blades and dead donkeys lying on top of pianos. It seems fitting that he lend his name to this noise rock project full of uneasy screams, mutters and groans, both human and instrumental. Noise rock is something I’ve found myself gradually getting into in recent years, but boy, BUÑUEL push things to limits even I find hard to take. It’s an international combo featuring Eugene Robinson of OXBOW fame on lead vocals. Never […]

Album Review: Fuoco Fatuo – Obsidian Katabasis

Italy – possibly not surprisingly, considering the iron grasp of the church of Rome, and the sense of the liturgical ensuing – has been a stronghold of doom for many years, the organ-driven NOCTU, the more traditional ABYSMAL GRIEF, and SEPULCHRAL VOID coming to top of mind. Enter Lombardy’s FUOCO FATUO with Obsidian Katabasis, its third full-length celebrating its first decade of existence. Comprising three more extended pieces, each over 13 minutes in length, and divided by shorter, yet no less important, instrumental movements, it’s easy to see the album as a concept. It may well be that, but not […]

INSECT ARK: Psychedelic Doom Duo Unveils Mini- Documentary Celebrating The One-Year Anniversary Of The Vanishing; Record Out Now On Profound Lore

Psychedelic doom duo INSECT ARK, featuring founder Dana Schechter (Swans) and Andy Patterson (ex-SubRosa), recently unveiled a compelling mini documentary celebrating the one-year anniversary of their stunning full-length, The Vanishing. Elaborates Schechter, “I made this eight-minute DIY mini-doc film to mark the one-year birthdate of The Vanishing. This film briefly follows that story: Making the album, touring it, and all the steps in between…a lot of work. Blood and tears. Sleep was lost. Hands got dirty. After just a few days on the road, COVID came knocking and the whole thing fell to pieces. At the time, along with the […]

Album Review: Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence

My search for something new brings me to the dusty plains of the mythical American West, where we find WAYFARER spinning tales of gunslingers, railroads and sudden death. The bloody true history of the West, and the more romanticized version of movies and TV offers a lot of fertile ground for an enterprising metal band to explore. With WAYFARER we get something that’s part Morricone and part PRIMORDIAL, part Americana and part raging metal. It’s a sound that I may not always be 100% into, but for sure it’s carved out its own territory, which is nothing to sneeze at. […]

OF FEATHER AND BONE To Release Third Album, Sulfuric Disintegration, Through Profound Lore Records In November; ‘Entropic Self Immolation’ Now Streaming + Preorders Posted

Stream OF FEATHER AND BONE’s ‘Entropic Self Immolation’ HERE This November, Denver, Colorado-based harsh death metal outfit OF FEATHER AND BONE will return with their most devastating material yet, having recently finalized their third album, Sulfuric Disintegration. Profound Lore Records will deploy this monolithic auditory assault upon the planet in mid-November, this week releasing details on the record including the cover art, track listing, preorders, and an advance stream of ‘Entropic Self Immolation’. OF FEATHER AND BONE’s Sulfuric Disintegration sees the trio deliver their most brutal, dynamic, and punishing release to date. The record follows 2018’s Bestial Hymns Of Perversion, […]