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Out now: Waldgeflüster – Femundsmarka

Twelve years after its original release, Nordvis presents this remastered version of WALDGEFLÜSTER’s Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln. The album chronicles a trek undertaken by the band’s mastermind, Winterherz, and his brother, P, through the Femundsmarka National Park in Norway. Building on a foundation of atmospheric black metal, Winterherz uses various samples of wilderness and sea to weave a sonic tapestry that blends seamlessly with meticulously crafted acoustic melodies. Instrumental interludes play a pivotal role, serving as introductions, transitions, and a grand finale – all enhancing the conceptual nature of the album. The vocal performances of both brothers […]

Introducing Noitila – new single and album announcement

The time has come for a first glimpse into the harrowing soundscape of NOITILA. Langennut, the project’s debut album, will be released by Nordvis on October 20, 2023. Listen to and watch ‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ The band commented:‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ is a cosmic cry – a declaration of war against the light. In Noitila, worlds intersect; the heavens merge with the earth, and the earth with the underworld. One step across the threshold and NOITILA becomes a lightning rod – both the band and the location, which for us are one and the same. In symbiosis, we channel […]

Nordvis reissues folk music virtuoso Thomas von Wachenfeldt’s masterpieces

THOMAS VON WACHENFELDT’s Mythos Of The Forefathers – an ambient dark-folk work in two volumes – is a heartfelt homage to Fädernas gudasaga, a book by Swedish 19th-century scholar and author Viktor Rydberg. Mythos Of The Forefathers was created to complement the text in each of the book’s chapters. To capture its overall mood, Thomas combined conventional compositions which adhere to form and structure with unorthodox music that evokes an archaic atmosphere. Drawing from older Nordic folk scales, he utilised traditional instruments like lyre, flutes, drums, and string instruments, while also incorporating various synthesisers to instil a sense of metaphysical […]

Örnatorpet reveals New single from upcoming album

Nordvis presents the first single from the upcoming ÖRNATORPET album which is due for release on May 5, 2023. Listen to ‘På jordrygg ett slott är rest’ ÖRNATORPET commented:“As the album opener, ‘På jordrygg ett slott är rest’ immediately sets the tone for Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran. Listen, and you’ll be transported to a desolate world where evil forces threaten the very fabric of reality. The title translates to ‘On a drumlin stands a castle’. The castle provides temporal shelter from the horrors lurking outside; it represents a bastion of hope in an otherwise hopeless world, and the music reflects […]

BLOOD AND SUN present new single from upcoming EP collection, Ochre

Today we present ‘Ochre’, the first single from BLOOD AND SUN’s upcoming Ochre (& the collected EPs), a new EP complete with bonus tracks. Available on CD, vinyl, and digital format as of March 31, 2023. Listen to ‘Ochre’ Luke commented:“Ochre marks the fatted ram and he bows to take his place.” Piano and strings dominate this cinematic arrangement as mandolins creep through the hedges. The finishing touches of James Moy’s synthesisers play off the basslines, bringing to mind Angelo Badalamenti. Ritual sacrifice, wooded groves, and tobacco fields on childhood road trips all seep up. An unlikely horn-crowned Moses drenched […]

Lustre returns with A Thirst For Summer Rain

A Thirst For Summer Rain is the eighth full-length album of LUSTRE – the Swedish apotheosis of ambient black metal. As the initial waves of soothing keyboards come rolling in, it is immediately clear that Lustre still adheres to its musical tradition of dreamlike minimalism. However, when the remaining instruments enter the picture, the soundscape in which they are framed is likely to come as quite the surprise for long-time followers of the band. A Thirst For Summer Rain is the first of Nachtzeit’s releases to have been recorded, mixed, and mastered in a professional studio – a move which […]

New Bhleg single ‘Befruktad jord’

The time has come to unveil ‘Befruktad jord’ (‘Nourished Soil’) – the second single of BHLEG’s upcoming album, Fäghring which is due for release on April 1. The fourth and closing instalment of BHLEG’s compositional tetralogy Ár is a concept album about springtime. As such, it is permeated by a considerably warmer ambiance than the colder and more barren feeling of its predecessor: their winter opus Ödhin from 2021. Besides the traditional rock instrumentation, this song features hurdy-gurdy and hand drum – performed by the band’s multi-instrumentalist S. – as well as nyckelharpa courtesy of J. Ask. HEAR ‘Befruktad jord’ […]

Fields of Mildew: The Complete Woes To Be Released via Nordvis Produktion

The Complete Woes is a sixfold threnody in remembrance of dissolution. A stroll through your sorrows in the tints of night and nostalgia. Presented in an ambitious CD Digipak, the first three songs were taken from the sold-out 2019 EP, A Triad Of Incomplete Woes, whereas the remaining three are previously unreleased. R, the musician behind FIELDS OF MILDEW, prefers to remain in the background and instead let his musical creations speak for themselves. Consequently, not much is known about the project. It was founded in 2015, initially as a vehicle to explore concepts pertaining to the Teufelsmoor area of […]

Enigmatic Swedish Folk Metal duo BHLEG announce new album

Swedish duo BHLEG returns with their most compelling and mature album up to this date. Ödhin (Fate) is the bands third studio album and might be one of the most interesting folk infused metal releases ever emerged out of Sweden. First single ‘Vyss’, was released on December 11th New single ‘Ödet’, due for release on January 1st Inevitable, as the spreading twilight and turmoil when the blackness of winter swallows the sun, Swedish BHLEG’s third full-length album Ödhin sweeps the world with icy winds and drowns it in the beautiful colours of the night. Enswathed in ancient Scandinavian wisdom, this […]

BRÒN signs with Nordvis and announces new album

We’re happy to announce our latest artist collaboration and welcome BRÒN into the Nordvis family. BRÒN is a project formed in Scotland in 2014 as a sonic chronicle of the wanderings of New Zealander KG (Barshasketh). BRÒN’s first three releases featured vast atmospheric black metal, punctuated by extended ambient sections. Lyrically and musically, these works were inspired by the untrodden wilds of Scotland, New Zealand and Serbia. Following this, KG relocated to Belgrade, Serbia and released a handful of ambient, down-tempo albums exploring life within a sprawling urban expanse. Now with the addition of drummer GH (A Forest Of Stars), […]