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Album Review: Marduk – Memento Mori

Time sure hasn’t sanded the edges off of MARDUK. Memento Mori has some of the fastest, most vicious metal these guys have ever played. There’s a hardcore contingent of “fans” that complain the band has lost its edge when they ditched their Sieg Heiling bass player. You sure can’t hear it here. ‘Blood Of The Funeral’, ‘Coffin Carol’ and ‘Red Tree of Blood’ are like barbed wire whips that rip the flesh from your bones. Yet if you listen carefully, there is also strange melody and even a kind of brutal elegance that slips into some of these tunes. The […]

Unleashed and Marduk are the headliners for Denmark’s Odense Metalfest 2022

UNLEASHED and MARDUK are the headliners for Odense Metalfest, where Swedish LIK and the Dutch hardcore mastodons Born From Pain are co-headliners together with Dutch thrash veterans Dead Head and Danish Maceration, who have been re-united after 30 years. Odense Metalfest is a new 2-day festival which will debut on 21-22 October 2022 at Posten in Odense, right in the middle of Denmark. Odense is the 3rd biggest town in Denmark. The program is ambitious. 20 bands Denmark and Europe perfoms at the festival. It is no coincidence that Odense Metalfest takes place at the venue Posten. In the late […]