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Album Review: Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt

Nearly three decades (man, I’m feeling my age at typing this) and 9 albums into life as KAMPFAR, the Norwegian black metal lifers have spent their career eschewing the satanic, the demonic, the “low hanging fruit” of a good many of their contemporaries, opting instead of tales of myth, folklore, true history, and how such can relate to society today. What were “myths” anyway, but a way for olden man to wrap his head around something in Nature – human included – that he couldn’t comprehend. From the first mythmaker, the first storyteller on, man has been seeking that wisdom, […]

Album Review: Amon Acid – Cosmogony

Looking for suitable musical accompaniment to a massive bong session or an experimental dive into psychedelics? I’m hard pressed to think of a better soundtrack for such activity than Cosmogony by space wizards AMON ACID. I was quite impressed by 2020’s Paradigm Shift – and while I don’t think this record tops it, except in terms of length -, this duo is now a serious player in the spaced out doom metal category. The record is quite a massive one, packed with droning, languorous riff-fests that virtually force you to explore the depths of the universe. Imagine a collision between […]