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Scordatura prepare to release their latest crushing onslaught of death metal, Mass Failure, through Gore House Productions

After three years, the undisputed kings of Scottish death metal have returned with their third album of unrelenting savagery. SCORDATURA’s unholy union of old school song writing and new school intensity has never been more brutally, wickedly effective than on the nine canticles of carnage that together form the mighty Mass Failure. Stream ‘Disease Of Mind’ HERE SCORDATURA have always pushed hard at the boundaries of extremity, delivering pulverising death metal of the very heaviest kind. From their 2013 debut, Torment Of The Weak, to their acclaimed second album, Self-Created Abyss, and now with Mass Failure, the band have striven […]

Album Review: Foetal Juice – Gluttony

Not many bands take over a decade to release their debut album. That’s not to say Manchester’s FOETAL JUICE has been sitting on its collective arse since 2005, either, though, having filled the time with a demo, two EPs, three split releases, and as many singles. And now, a “scant” four years after Masters Of Absurdity comes Gluttony. At first notice, it seems the quartet has left behind much of the parody/juvenile humor element, or at least the twisting of film/song title/band names for its output, which could be chalked up to either input of the band’s new vocalist and […]