SPEEDEALER will headline Maryland Doom Fest 2020 alongside Cirith Ungol, Blood Ceremony and Mondo Generator the festival announced on Halloween. News spread through doom and metal circles quickly. The Obelisk advises “they’ve lined up a full four-dayer onslaught…I’ll be up front about this: it’s gonna be a good ‘un. You should do whatever you need to do to make it happen.”

SPEEDEALER explain “This will be the first time the band has played Maryland Doom Fest. Our set will of course be on the heavier side, and will include some the slower songs from Bleed and our new album Blue Days Black Nights along with some old favorites. Songs like ‘Dealers Choice’ from the early days to ‘Inventor Of Evil’ from Bleed will be on the set list. We literally found out about our headlining slot the day before it was announced. Someone at the festival was really diggin’ the new record and reached out to us. We are honored and excited to be a part of this.”

In addition to the festival date, the band will soon announce tours for 2020 to promote Blue Days Black Nights. There are still a few hundred copies left of the first vinyl pressing (including some hand-signed copies for the die hard fans available HERE). “Blue Days Black Nights delivers exactly the kind of savage sonic fury fans have come to expect from the group,” opines Dave Pehling at San Francisco CBS.

The Void Report sums up the band’s recent history writing “While line-ups have changed over the years, guitarist Eric Schmidt and drummer Harden Harrison remain, bringing The Buck Pets’ Ricky Pearson in to play bass and The Swingin’ Dicks’ Daniel Barron to sing. This lineup has been playing live since 2016 and are hardly catering to their fan base’s nostalgia. They’re just as great as they’ve always been and Blue Days Black Nights proves there’s plenty of gas left in the tank.”

Vocalist Daniel Barron concurs stating: “SPEEDEALER has always enjoyed touring and playing live energetic shows. It’s the same in your face ‘less talk more rock’ shows live. Although we may not tour quite as extensively as in the past, we still try to hit as many cities as we can throughout the year.”

Tracklisting for Blue Days Black Nights:

  1. Never New
  2. Rheumatism
  3. War Nicht Genug
  4. Nothing Left To Say
  5. Sold Out
  6. Losing My Shit
  7. A Reckoning
  8. Shut Up
  9. Mainmast
  10. Blue Days Black Nights

Daniel Barron offers input on select tracks saying “some of the songs like ‘Never New’, ‘Nothing Left to Say’, and ‘Shut Up’ were written in 2005 intended for an earlier SPEEDEALER release. The final track, ‘Blue Days Black Nights’ is a nod to ELO.”

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