St. Petersburg (RU) – After nine years of silence and in celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary, progressive doom/death veterans PSILOCYBE LARVAE are proud to announce the forthcoming release of fifth full-length album Where Silence Dwells.

The digital version will be self-released by the band on December 10. The CD version will be released by Fono Ltd. (Russia) and Red Rivet Records (Japan) on December 15, while the band will self-release a cassette version on the same day. The vinyl LP is targeted for a February 2022 release by the band.

A music video for album track ‘Run To Nowhere’ is available at THIS LOCATION

Another album track, ‘Sorvali Cemetery’, is available HERE

Where Silence Dwells is a devilishly haunting, true masterwork of modern progressive music that manages to combine spellbinding post-rock tunes with the dark atmosphere of doom/gothic metal and the heaviness of death metal. PSILOCYBE LARVAE deliver progressive doom/death metal spiced with atmospheric samples.

Vocalist/Guitarist Vit had this to say about the album:
“It was a long journey during which many events happened connected with line-up changes, searching for a new sound, COVID lockdown, broken voice, trial and errors. A challenge that we have taken up by raising the bar even higher. But as a result we did some of the most powerful album we’ve ever recorded.”

PSILOCYBE LARVAE toured in Germany, Finland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Poland, Baltic States, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (the band shared the stage with Anathema, My Dying Bride, Septicflesh, Sadist, Sinister, Swallow The Sun and others).


Where Silence Dwells Track Listing:

  1. The Flame Of Dying Life
  2. Run To Nowhere
  3. Ghost In The Room
  4. Inner Darkness
  5. Dead Dreams
  6. Sorvali Cemetery
  7. Silent Sphinx
  8. The Fall Of Icarus
  9. Encounter With Nothingness
  10. Where Silence Dwells

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