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Science, Not Fiction is now released via Peaceville. The track, titled ‘The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine’, follows ‘(Not) Rocket Science’ and ‘Cemetary Rats’ as the third single to be taken from the album and is accompanied by a new lyric video by Matt Vickerstaff (https://www.instagram.com/matthew_vickerstaff ).

Watch the lyric video for ‘The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine’

Speaking about the new track, singer and lyricist Ben Ward said, “We are very proud to present our new single ‘The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine’. We consider this a very ‘typical’ ORANGE GOBLIN song…uptempo, melodic and instantly catchy, with all the ingredients of classic Heavy Metal! it’s the perfect way to kickstart the new ORANGE GOBLIN album! Lyrically, it’s about how we can’t change our past, but as the rest of the world is seemingly falling apart, we all have a chance to change our future. We are very excited about adding this banger to the live set at future shows!”

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ORANGE GOBLIN’s new album, Science, Not Fiction, is their first since 2018’s The Wolf Bites Back and marks the band’s arrival on legendary metal label Peaceville. The album is inspired by a diverse range of influences, including spirituality, science, religion, and the band’s love for the sci-fi genre – “The title ‘Science, Not Fiction‘ to me summarises how the world and everything we know is based on 3 fundamental things: Science, Spirituality and Religion” says Ben Ward. “It’s no secret that the band and I have always had a strong interest in vintage science fiction (particularly the dystopian kind!) and cosmic horror, whether that is movies, literature or just plain old imagery”.

For the last 30 years ORANGE GOBLIN, London-based hard rock lifers, have tirelessly flown the flag for all out heavy metal and maximum rock ‘n’ roll. Driven by passion, persistence and heartfelt love for metal’s dark magic, ORANGE GOBLIN have always been a vital force and a risk-free bet. But while some may be content to trade on past glories, ORANGE GOBLIN view heavy metal as a lifelong pursuit. In 2024, they open a new chapter in their heroic saga, marking it with the release of their tenth studio album: Science, Not Fiction.

“People have funny ideas about what heavy metal is. But to me, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s not something you decide to dip into.
You either are or you’re not.
And it’s for life.”
– Ben Ward

Science, Not Fiction Tracklist:

  1. The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine
  2. (Not) Rocket Science
  3. Ascend The Negative
  4. False Hope Diet
  5. Cemetary Rats
  6. The Fury Of A Patient Man
  7. Gemini (Twins Of Evil)
  8. The Justice Knife
  9. End Of Transmission
  10. Eye Of The Minotaur (CD Deluxe + LP Bonus Track)

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