Today, Signal Rex sets August 1st as the international release date for a special collection from OLKOTH, The Immortal Depths & Treasures Of Necromancy, on vinyl LP format.

An otherwise-unknown entity hailing from the United States, OLKOTH nevertheless have made waves in the black metal underground with those seek among the genre’s most mesmeric and mystical depths. To date, they’ve released two demos, The Immortal Depths in 2016 and Treasures Of Necromancy in 2017, with only the latter making its way onto super-limited cassette format.

So ensorcelled by OLKOTH’s sonic alchemy, Signal Rex now endeavors to unleash this black magick on a wider scale, drawing together both demos and adding an unreleased bonus track. Witness wide-screen emotion and bewitching melodicism collide head on in a seemingly endless catacomb of medieval splendor: stark and stratifying, but slavishly devoted to black metal’s most ancient ways. Shimmering shockwaves of impious delight, these are The Immortal Depths & Treasures Of Necromancy of OLKOTH!

Hear both demos in their entirety HERE at Signal Rex’s Bandcamp, where the vinyl LP compilation can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for OLKOTH’s The Immortal Depths & Treasures Of Necromancy

  1. Shrine Of Rotten Bones
  2. Gravesite Levitation
  3. Ancient Black Flame
  4. The Goulish Grail Pt. 1
  5. Treasures Of Necromancy
  6. The Goulish Grail Pt. 2
  7. Paranormal Enslavement
  8. Demonic Prophecy

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