There are two types of artists that you will come across in the heavy music world. The typical person picks up an instrument, gains some skills and decides they need others to collaborate with a group to bring the music out of them and express themselves. Then there is the solo artist type: driven by a calling or an artistic vision, a sole purpose expressed without interference neither asking approval or permission. It’s within the Black Metal and Doom related genres where we see lots of these artists come from a meager start to really manifest their voice over time. Such is the case with Salt Lake City-based Blackened Doom solo artist Whoracles and the KNELLWRAITH project.

The Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist performs every note and beat on the release. Although frank about the influences that birthed KNELLWRAITH Promo `19, to merely pigeonhole the music along the lines of similar genre bands would be a gross misstep. Steeped in the tradition of past greats, but focused on forging a fresh sound for complex times, KNELLWRAITH doesn’t live in a definable, common space. The music demands repeat listens. The thoughtful compositions bolster tales of woe, anguish, and severe pain of loss. The two tracks represent an emotional journey line through a bleak, intense hellscape.

Born from vocalist/instrumentalist Whoracles one dead Autumn night in 2018, KNELLWRAITH was vomited forth from the void to explore dark, slow, sorrowful landscapes in the form of black/doom metal inspired by legendary acts such as Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Dissection, and Bethlehem. With themes of tragedy, lust, and death, KNELLWRAITH intends to keep honing their style and become titans in the world of underground metal.

Whoracles comments on the release:

“Tremendously excited about this release. The demo explores my inner turmoil and feelings of isolation and sorrow, and was heavily influenced by Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Dissection, Bathory, and Fields of the Nephilim, as well as black Autumn skies and cold Winter storms.”

KNELLWRAITH’s Promo ’19 is not an end statement. It is the beginning of a great becoming still to come, a Kafka-esque transformation of profound feelings into harrowing sounds.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered Autumn 2019 at The Blaq Room in Salt Lake City, UT. Recording and engineering was handled by Wolf Nunley. Knellwraith’s distinctive logo was created by Dan Capp.

Purchase and stream KNELLWRAITH Promo `19 via Bandcamp HERE