Greek black metal supergroup KATAVASIA stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, Magnus Venator, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on September 4th via Floga Records, hear KATAVASIA’s Magnus Venator in its entirety exclusively HERE

KATAVASIA is a Greek black metal band formed in 2014 by members of well-known Greek metal acts such as Varathron, Hail Spirit Noir, Aenaon, Melan Selas, and Agnes Vein. The goal of the alliance was to compose and perform Greek black metal at its finest.

In 2015, KATAVASIA released their debut album, Sacrilegious Testament, which was highly praised by both media and fans for its dedication to the original Greek BM sound but at the same time offering originality. A 7″ EP titled Daemonic Offering followed in 2017 to prove, once again, the band’s aptitude and hunger for more devilish riffs and engrossing atmosphere.

At long last, KATAVASIA return with their sophomore album, Magnus Venator. Translated into English as “The Great Hunter” indeed does Magnus Venator provide fuel for a frenzy of utterly classic Hellenic black metal, done by the originals (Varathron’s Stefan Necroabyssious is again on vocals) and their reverent acolytes alike. Together, KATAVASIA are in their mightiest form here, offering a nine-track/42-minute experience that’s equal parts triumph and tragedy, bloodlust and bathos: in short, everything that’s so enveloping and eternal about the early ’90s Greek black metal wave, but given a refreshingly epic twist. Further underlining those roots, George Emmanuel (Lucifer’s Child, ex-Rotting Christ) contributes a guest guitar solo on ‘Hordes Of Oblivion’.

Wrathful riffing, bombastic drumming, tons of classic heavy metal influences, and the trademark demonic screams of Stefan Necroabyssious – KATAVASIA have delivered a new “old’ classic with Magnus Venator!

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of Preorder info for the physical formats can be found HERE at Floga Records’ webshop, while the digital can be preordered HERE at KATAVASIA’s Bandcamp.
Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for KATAVASIA’s Magnus Venator:

  1. Daughters Of Darkness
  2. The Tyrant
  3. Blood Be My Crown
  4. Chthonic Oracle
  5. Saturnalia Magnus Cult
  6. Triumphant Fate
  7. Sinistral Covenant
  8. Hordes Of Oblivion
  9. Babylon (Sammu-Rawat)