[Photo Credit: Sav Bagshaw]
[Special FX: Kris Dachwitz]

Vancouver (BC) – Dissonant Death Metal duo CROWN OF MADNESS are set to release their sophomore EP, Elemental Binding, on February 23, 2023.

The EP’s first single and opening track, ‘Immortal Eyes’ (featuring a guest guitar solo from Matthew Pancoust of Truent) is available now via Bandcamp and a visualizer on YouTube

With their second EP, CROWN OF MADNESS brings you a penetrating mix of the technical and the dissonant, as well as devastating lyrical themes that will leave you sorrowful. Elemental Binding is the second and final EP on the road to the duo’s full-length debut album. The EP serves as a representative sample of the direction CROWN OF MADNESS will take on the future full-length release.

FFO: Ulcerate, Warforged, Gorguts, Septicflesh, Atrae Bilis


Elemental Binding Track Listing:

  1. Immortal Eyes [feat. Matthew Pancoust]
  2. A Wrenching Nostalgia
  3. Roots, Limbs And Sky
  4. Vile Sun

Music / Lyrics: Sunshine Schneider
Music: Alex Nicol
Music / Production: Connor Gordon
Mastered by: Stu McKillop

CROWN OF MADNESS is a dissonant death metal duo from Vancouver, BC. Bringing forth a touch of tech, beauty, brutality and a healthy dose of sadness. Their debut EP, The Void, released on March 25, 2022.

Vocals / Guitar: Sunshine Schneider
Drums: Connor Gordon

Line-Up (Live):
Vocals / Guitar: Sunshine Schneider
Guitar: Alex Nicol
Bass: Richard Crowdis
Drums: Connor Gordon