AUTOPSY fans, if you’re getting anxious waiting for the next slab of rotten death from your heroes, relief is headed your way. For all intents and purposes, STATIC ABYSS is AUTOPSY, Not all the members of AUTOPSY are here, but Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson sure are and if there’s any noticeable difference in style between STATIC ABYSS and AUTOPSY, it escapes me. This is repulsive death-doom laced with insane hammering in classic AUTOPSY/ABSCESS style.

I would say the production here is slightly cleaner than what we usually get with AUTOPSY, but the same dedication to depraved sonic destruction is sure here. ‘Feasting On Eyes’ opens with rage and the crazed roars of Mr. Reifert are comfortingly berserk as usual. The song soon slips into a doomy tar pit where you are dragged through the muck.

The press emphasizes the doom side of the equation a bit too much, as there’s still plenty of high speed mayhem like ‘You Are What You Kill’ and ‘Morgue Rat Fever’. But yes, the title track and ‘Mandatory Cannibalism’ wallow in a mire of morbid slow crush. Incidentally, as you can tell from the charming song titles, STATIC ABYSS is every bit as sick lyrically as AUTOPSY ever was.

What is in a name mused the Bard. Whether STATIC ABYSS or AUTOPSY, the stench of true death metal is as fetid as always.
Review By: Dr Abner Mality

Labyrinth Of Veins
3.5 / 6