From the unexpected environs of South Carolina, land of Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and a multitude of other lures for lovers of sun and beaches, Thorfinn and Blind Sampson return with their second full-length under the COFFIN TORTURE moniker, hoping to disgust our eardrums with Blennoid.
‘Ükhsen Uul’ begins this self-described “death sludge” effort with gooey riffs and a near industrial clang ‘n’ clamor to the rhythm section, but the whole affair seems processed, effects-ridden, and with neither the rabid ferocity of death nor the crawl through the sewer-swamp of sludge.

While I’m sure the elongated intro to ‘Budo’ was meant to evoke the martial arts documentary or Japanese taiko drums, when it just snips off to be replaced by a plodding, directionless riff that seems too monotonous even for our beloved IRON MONKEY or RAMESSES, I’m suffering, and not in the way this duo wants me to. At the 2 ½ minute mark a lively riff breaks through, holding my interest, but just as quickly disappearing back under the attention-destroying lack of structure or a destination for this floating turd.

Apparently inspired by a cartoon called Angry Beavers, ‘Crawling Spleen’ gets the first part of the title right, but just doesn’t seem as dangerous or feral as intended, and you know what, I’m so over this guitar tone that it’s making everything else suffer. ‘Blennoid’ picks up the pace a bit and is by far the most completely formed song on the album that bears its name. Here’s another realization, though, and it isn’t good. Now five songs into this album, and exactly zero seconds of what’s passed through my ears is sticking, or making me anticipate another listen.

So, let’s just leave it here. Call me a self-appointed “gatekeeper” if you will, but Blennoid is exactly the sort of release that happens when anyone with the equipment and time can shart out an album, quality be damned. I’m disgusted, yeah, but I don’t think it’s the sort COFFIN TORTURE was hoping for.
Review By: Lord Randall

Sludgelord Records
0 / 6